Plantation Shutters And Interior Design.

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What Are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters, are a traditional interior shutter (although they can also be used on a home’s exterior) that has been used in homes for many years. Plantation shutters are made from wood, and are usually slatted or louvred. This means that you can control the levels of light that you let in, and have a much greater variety in comparison to other forms of window covering.

How To Use Plantation Shutters To Suit Your Room’s Designplantation-shutters

Not only do plantation shutters offer a lot of great benefits such as security and cleanliness; as well as making your home more energy efficient, they also do a brilliant job of being a finishing touch to your room and complementing the decor of your room.

The ability to control the amount of air and light that comes into your room is one of the main benefits of [plantation shutters, however by being able to control the light levels you can also have an effect on the way that your room looks, and the variations on how the shutters can be be opened mean that you can help create the illusion of the room being more spacious, as well as letting different amounts of light in to create different effects.

The plantation shutters that you choose can also be the ideal complement to the feel of the room that you are trying to create. They present you with the opportunity to have a rustic classic feel to the room, or a more modern contemporary feel.

When you are choosing the plantation shutters to add to your home, it is important to consider the type of decor in place; or if you are starting from scratch then the type of  look that you want to achieve. For example a room where a lot of wood is present will require you to match your shutters to the furniture that’s already in place, for a greater sense of balance and flow.

If you want to create a modern and bright looking room; then pale coloured plantation shutters would be the best option. This also leaves you with the ability to easily change your shutters if you decide to change the decor of the room, as they are easier to repaint.

Darker or natural wood shutters (especially those that are solid) help to create a more cosy and homely feel; and tend to give the added feeling of warmth to a room (as well as helping actually keep the warm room if they are the solid variety). This also helps them to create a more traditional feel; however if you invest in solid plantation shutters then you have less control over the amount of light you let in.

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