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Old Meets New: Creating a Classic Contemporary Bathroom

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Envisage a classically styled bathroom brought up to date with modern, reliable engineering. By mixing and matching the best elements of traditional and contemporary bathrooms, you can create a unique space designed for modern living without compromising on character. Read on for some pointers on creating a classic contemporary bathroom that’ll rival the efforts of any interior designer. Classic contemporary bathroom design ideas The suite The best piece of advice I can offer you is to choose a freestanding bath. These work well in both traditional and modern bathroom settings…read more

Top 8 Vintage Dining Room Ideas

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Create the perfect vintage-style dining room with these top tips The dining room is undergoing something of an overhaul, with imposing, highly polished interiors giving way to fun and funky schemes that blend different time periods and styles, and which refuse to take themselves too seriously. Whether you’re going chic and retro or cosy and rustic, these vintage dining room ideas will help you get it right first time. Top 8 vintage interior design ideas for dining rooms Mix and match. Combine a wooden bench with painted metal chairs for…read more

Essential Ingredients of the Perfect Home Bar

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Find out how to create the perfect home bar so you can kick back in style, impress your mates and throw the best parties in the neighbourhood. From setting up the furniture to stocking the booze cupboard, this step-by-step guide covers all the basics. The perfect bar furniture: Lay the foundations with a counter top, central island or purpose-built bar, plus a set of bar stools. Housing Units has a good selection to suit most interior design schemes and budgets. Make sure you have enough cupboard space and/or shelving for…read more

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Next Bath

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The bathroom is a key feature of your home, it is somewhere where you will spend a lot of time. The focal point is often the bath, as this is the most eye catching piece in terms of design. There are a whole host of baths available, from off the shelf acrylic baths, to high end bespoke cast iron baths. Of these, we highly recommend a cast iron bath – they are aesthetically stunning; add value to your home and are low maintenance as well as being difficult to damage…read more

Putting A Cast Iron Bath In A Petite Bathroom

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To Make The Most Of A Smaller Bathroom With  A Cast Iron Bath A cast iron bath is an extremely attractive piece of bathroom furniture that makes a fantastic centrepiece to any room, and even in its smaller guise gives a more relaxing bathing experience. It’s often questioned as to whether or not a cast iron bath will fit into a smaller bathroom – as not everyone is blessed with space for one reason or another.


Caring For A Cast Iron Bath

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What Is A Cast Iron Bath? A Cast Iron Bath – like the name suggests is a luxurious bath tub that is made from cast iron. Cast Iron baths are a stunning centrepiece that make great additions to bathrooms, regardless of whether you are trying to achieve a contemporary or modern look. This type of bath is a great investment, as it is a great way to relax, as well as adding value to  your home as they are a highly sort after piece. There are a number of do’s…read more


Creating A Luxury Bathroom

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Why Create A Luxury Bathroom? Home design is a time that can be stressful for a lot of people as it involves a lot of planning, upheaval and effort. Therefore it is important to make sure that when you undertake some home improvement you have your ideas in place and you create something you’re passionate about. After all of this however you are going to want some ‘me time’ and therefore somewhere to relax and unwind.


Reducing Noise Pollution With Plantation Shutters

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What Is Noise Pollution? Noise pollution is a type of pollution, whereby noises that are distracting, irritating or even harmful and damaging are audible. Noise pollution isn’t the same as other types of pollution as there is no contaminant as such other than noises that interfere with regular noises and interferes with daily life. Causes of noise pollution can include heavy industry, vehicles (especially near busy roads) or entertainment noise.