Cleaning Products For The Hotel Industry

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Picking The Right Cleaning Products For Your Hotelbedroom-cast-iron-bath

The hotel industry is big business, and in order for business to continue to progress and grow, then it is important that clients enjoy their stay. One of the key factors of an enjoyable stay in a hotel is whether or not it is clean, as people want to have a comfortable night’s sleep in a clean environment. Alongside having capable and reliable cleaning staff, it is important for a hotel to stock and deploy the appropriate cleaning products, in order to make the environment appealing to clients and comfortable for the staff they employ.

What Are The Important Areas Of The Hotel To Clean?

The short answer is all of them. However the clients see the rooms the most and as such you need to ensure that the bedding is clean, free of marks and always fresh. It is also important to make sure that the bathrooms in the room are clean, everybody knows they’re not the first person to have used this particular room but no one wants to find traces that someone else has been in there.

First impressions are also important, so you want to ensure that the reception area and the route to the rooms is clean and well lit, in order to set your guests at ease and get them happy to be there, after all if they’re there just on business they aren’t likely to be doing much other than sleeping and eating.

What Cleaning Products Do I Need For My Hotel?cleaning-products

There are a whole host of cleaning products available for the hotel trade, below are just a few that are ideal for keeping on top of the cleaning to ensure that your business is an attractive prospect to clients:

–          An Effective Laundry Detergent – This will ensure that any bacteria and germs that have come into contact with bedding and towels etc are taken care of, therefore preventing germs spreading that way.

–          Microfiber Cloths– if you like be environmentally conscious and not use disposable products, then it is widely considered that microfiber cloths are the best for cleaning due to their durability, but also their makeup means that they trap bacteria as opposed to spreading it from surface to surface

–          Industrial Bleach – This is used for keeping areas such as drains, toilets and bathroom surfaces clean and free from germs. This stops bacteria forming which could harmful to those that live in the care home.

–          Effective Disinfectant – protects against germs which can cause illness, by being formulated to combat their growth and multiplication.

–          Mops and Brooms – floors need to be kept clean as they are the ideal breeding ground for microorganisms, especially in areas such as kitchens and food prep areas.

–          Multi Surface Sanitiser – keeping work surfaces and other areas clean and sanitised means that bacteria doesn’t have the opportunity to spread. It is important to keep your work surfaces clean in order to avoid cross contamination, and



Develop A Routine

If you are just a small business without a cleaner, it is important to develop habits and routines to ensure thorough cleaning of the property is undertaken. Keeping on top of rooms, and getting them turned over as soon as they are vacated, means that you are prepared for guests who turn up on chance, and also that you can have your rooms ready at all times which will help make your business more prepared for any eventualities.

What Are The Best Cleaning Products?

Different people will have different needs when it comes to cleaning products. For example if you’re a hotel non bio wash powder or detergent may be a sensible move as some people have an allergy to the biological compounds in bio wash powder.

Having the right combination of products and chemicals for cleaning surfaces where bacteria can grow is an important, as mentioned, microfiber cloths are one excellent way to handle cleaning surfaces in a way that won’t spread germs and cross contaminate other surfaces.