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What is Remy Hair?

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Remy Human Hair is often the most misunderstood term in the wig and hairpiece industry. The simplest definition of the term “remy” refers to the specific characteristics of the hair, how it was taken and manufactured thereafter. The defining characteristic is the unilateral direction of the cuticles, meaning that the hair follicles all follow one single direction. This unique cuticle preservation is generated through the collection from the donor. The method should ensure that all the hair strands remain in the same direction of their natural hair growth. A typical…read more

How to Style Your Wig Like a Pro

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Achieve Your Dream Look With These Top Tips for Wig Styling As a wig wearer, it’s sometimes easy to get stuck in a rut. But with wigs and styling products becoming increasingly sophisticated, there’s no longer any need to subject yourself to wearing the same hairstyle day in, day out. Knowing how to style your wig will enable you to change up your look whenever you feel like it, without having to splash out on a brand new wig or hairpiece. These top styling tips for human hair and synthetic…read more

Celebrity Style Wigs for SS15

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Update Your Look For 2015 With the Latest Celebrity Hair Trends If you want a new look but are not sure where to start, the red carpet is always a great place to seek inspiration. So far, SS15 has paved the way for several cutting-edge, iconic new hairstyles, all of which share one common feature: texture. All these celebrity style wigs have been chosen with this central theme in mind, helping you bring your look bang up to date just in time for summer. Top 3 Celebrity Style Wigs The…read more

Wearing a Wig for the First Time

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Wear Your First Wig with Confidence The first time wearing a wig can fill even the most self-assured person with ‘what-ifs’. What if it looks unnatural? What if someone notices? What if it falls off? Wearing a wig for the first time may be daunting, but with the right wig and a few simple coping strategies, you will be stepping out with confidence in no time. The first thing to remember is that nobody is looking at you as much as you might think they are. People are generally too…read more

How to Avoid Wig Scams When Purchasing Online

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Telling the Good Wig Companies from the Bad and the Ugly I was recently perturbed to discover that there has been a sharp rise in the incidence of online wig scams. Many individuals have been ordering wigs from companies that they have been led to believe are based in the UK. They’re not. They may have web addresses, but are in fact stationed overseas. Crucially, the wigs they’re advertising are not the wigs that customers are receiving. As no contact information is given on their websites, it’s extremely difficult…read more

Hair Loss in Children and Teenagers: A Parent’s Guide

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Discovering that your child has hair loss can trigger a huge mix of emotions. However, it’s important not to be too hard on yourself and instead to channel your energy into providing the love, care and emotional support that your child needs at this difficult time. This guide to hair loss in children and teenagers offers a combination of information, advice and resources to help you feel better equipped for the journey ahead. Before I begin, there’s something important to bear in mind. Although it may be easier said than…read more

5 Ways to Give Your Hair More Volume

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How to Make Your Hair Appear Thicker and Fuller Your hair can have a big impact on your confidence, so if it’s feeling flat and lifeless, chances are you will too. This article offers five proven ways to give your hair more volume, so you can look and feel a million dollars every day. Top 5 Hair Volumising Tips 1. Try a hairpiece, ponytail or extension This is the quickest, easiest and most effective way to add style and volume to your hair. Real hair pieces have come a long…read more

Top 10 Wig Brands

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The Definitive Wig Brands List Choosing a wig by brand is a helpful way to ensure that you are getting quality and value for your money. But with so many different brands out there all promising so much, it’s not always easy to know which ones you can trust. This buyer’s guide to the top 10 wig brands will help you find a hairpiece that’ll look fabulous and last for many months to come. Top 10 Best Wig Brands Raquel Welch – A stunning range of natural looking synthetic and…read more

How to Care for a Human Hair Wig

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Keep Your Human Hair Wig Looking Like New With These Top Tips Human hair wigs can give a beautifully natural look and are highly versatile, enabling you to change your style from one day to the next. They do require more care than synthetic wigs, but most people agree that they’re worth the extra time and effort involved. This post explains how to care for a human hair wig so that you can keep yours looking and feeling fabulous for as long as possible. Washing a Human Hair Wig Washing…read more

Ultimate Party Look: Three Quarter Wigs

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The Christmas party season is upon us and as December is packed full of festive fun with family and friends, we all want to look our best. As the year comes to an end though, it’s easy to feel like we’ve got stuck in a hair rut, with the cold, grey weather dampening our glam. Fear not! There is a quick fix solution that will revitalise your locks and give you that extra bounce required for the ultimate party look. Wigs for Women are often thought of as time-consuming purchases…read more