Wigs for Cancer Patients

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Hair loss is one of many devastating effects of Chemotherapy that Cancer Patients must undergo to stay healthy for as long as possible. Complete hair loss can happen gradually, depending on the strength of your treatment. Many women decide to experiment with a shorter style before the hair loss sets in, meaning the change is not so dramatic. Other women decide to take the plunge early and shave their head entirely.

Whatever process you undergo in the aftermath of your cancer treatment, the impact of hair loss for a woman can be one of the hardest things to come to terms with. Trying to accept a sudden change in your appearance can be hard for you and your loved ones to take, and as our appearance is strongly linked to our self-esteem, many women often lose their confidence following their treatment. However, Wigs for Cancer Patients are a great way for women to build up their confidence whilst experimenting with a brand new style.

There are many Wigs for Cancer Patients available online. However if you have recently undergone cancer treatment, choosing the right wig construction is essential in order not to irritate your sensitive scalp. There are three types of wig constructions best suited in the Wigs for Cancer Patients range.

Firstly, Hand Tied Wigs are often thought of as one of the most comfortable cap constructions on the market. No wefts or mechanical stitching is used, instead each individual hair is hand tied to a soft mesh cap for optimum comfort with a completely natural result. The soft mesh cap also ensures a minimum quantity of seams, meaning that the wig will adapt to your head shape, providing a comfortable fit.

If you would like a more durable style, Monofilament Wigs are renowned for their quality blend of versatility and durability. There are three basic types of Monofilament Wigs; Monofilament Top, Monofilament Crown and Monofilament Part. All three variations create a thin yet durable layer over the scalp which stimulates natural hair growth.

Lastly, there are Double Monofilament Wigs that give you all the benefits of Monofilament Wigs with the added comfort of an extra layer. Each hair has been hand tied to the soft mesh construction which is so sheer, it looks like natural hair growth. The extra layer will also prevent your wig from hand knotting, ensuring the construction will feel silky soft against your skin, a vital element for hair loss sufferers.

What’s even better, you can now claim 20% VAT Relief at the point of purchase on Wigs for Cancer Patients or Hair Loss Sufferers. This brand new feature has just launched online on the Simply Wigs website, putting the painstaking form filling process to an end. If you are purchasing a wig for hair loss of any kind, we believe the process should be as simple as possible. This feature takes the stress out of buying a wig, leaving you more time to browse for the perfect style!