How to Wear a Wig with Natural Hair

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Many women often associate wigs with baldness or thinning hair, however wigs are becoming a fashion choice for women with naturally long locks who wish to vary their existing look. Purchasing a good quality wig and applying it properly can result in a wig so natural looking, friends may think you’ve gone for a new permanent hairstyle! Yet, if you are not a practiced wig wearer than knowing how to fit and wear your wig can be tricky, especially if you have longer hair to conceal. Follow this quick and simple guide and you will learn how to fit your wig seamlessly with your natural hair for the ultimate realistic style.

1)    Getting your natural hair as tight and close to your scalp is the first step in concealing your natural locks. This is where lots of hairpins are needed to pin the hair into place. If you have longer hair, split your hair into two and twist each piece, crossing these two pieces to the opposite side and clipping across the top of the head. This will avoid any obvious bulges and keep your hair as flat as possible to the head. If you have short hair then combing your hair and pinning it to the nape of your neck or creating a small bun is an easier way to avoid the unwanted bulges. Alternatively, you can braid your entire hair to the scalp although this can be a lengthier process.

2)    Now it’s time to put on your wig cap. It is recommended that every wig wearer wears a wig cap to keep all your natural hair firmly in place before fitting your wig. Then it’s time to choose your ideal wig, keeping in mind their wig constructions. There any many wig cap constructions available, all having different functionalities. Ellen Wille Wigs have a range of high quality wigs and cap constructions. Many have a monofilament cap construction, meaning that wherever you part the wig, the construction will give the impression that your hair is coming from the scalp. Many of the Ellen Wille Wigs range also have the additional feature of full lace front to create an undetectable hairline, ensuring the ultimate natural look.

3)    Once you have your wig cap in place and have purchased your wig, put your wig on your head from front to back, so you have complete control and visibility. There is usually a tab on each side of the wig for you to grip onto, position these tabs in front of your ears to get a rough guide on where your wig should be. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect straight away, it may just need some tweaking to ensure it’s in exactly the right place. Then you can brush and style your hair to how you would like it to look. Voila!