Why Cast Iron Baths are the Classic Choice

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For many years, people all around the world have enjoyed having a good old fashioned soak in the tub. Over generations the bathtub itself has evolved, however one design that has always remained a firm favourite is that of the classic cast iron baths.

Cast Iron Bath

One of the reasons why this traditional tub has always remained so popular is because of its unique ability to add a sense of periodic charm to any bathroom. The timeless designs have been reworked for today’s modern living, combining the classical look with a functional twist.


The materials used to construct a cast iron bath are highly temperature absorbent. This allows them to retain heat a lot longer than any other type of bath, guaranteeing you a longer soak in the tub. Cast iron is also easy to clean and won’t lose its appearance over time – the copper bath in particular is popular for its durable nature and strong construction.

Single and Double Ended Designs

Cast iron baths come in a wide selection of luxurious designs, many of which are iconic of the Victorian era which was famous for regal charm. Single ended tubs will have the plug hole and taps at the foot of the bath, where your feet will be. Alternatively you could opt for a double ended model with the plug and taps in the middle which makes it a comfy choice for two.

Traditional Finish

Copper Bath

Another important design element of the cast iron bath is how they rest on the floor. Their feet, also known as claws, come in a range finishes including chrome and painted. More modern versions of the tub can stand on a wooden cradle whilst some designs, such as the copper bath, can stand steadily directly on the floor.

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