Why Are Copper Baths So Popular?

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Copper baths were largely a feature in homes in the 18th century, when bathrooms were a purely functional room to be used by the whole family, but it seems they are making a comeback with their stylish and luxurious appearance. Although now considered a statement bathroom piece, the copper bath actually has benefits beyond its aesthetic appeal. they are a form of roll top bath that allows for luxury classic styling.


With the benefit of its metallic properties, copper tubs actually conduct heat a lot faster than traditional baths. Further to this, they manage to almost envelope the water with a constant stream of heat, keeping your bath warmer for longer. All of The Cast Iron Bath Company’s copper baths are very deep, allowing you to be fully immersed in your warm bath for ultimate relaxation.

Cast iron bath


Copper baths are also known for their durable qualities. Copper baths are largely scratch-resistant due to their thickness and density. In the event of a scratch, however, then don’t worry – all is not lost as copper bath tubs are also highly recognised as being self-healing. In time, copper baths deepen in colour and can dull in appearance. If the bath does manage to withstand a scratch, all that will happen is that the scratch will have that shiny new penny look. Like the rest of the bath, that glossy mark will fade in time to become almost unnoticeable. Copper baths also benefit from the fact that they age beautifully as they settle into their new surroundings, adding warmth and becoming an antique, industrial focal point to your sanctuary.


Low Maintenance

A copper bath is not only beautiful, but they are extremely easy to keep and maintain, too. There is a myth that copper baths are high maintenance and require regular cleaning and polishing. Copper in fact has the benefit of being mould-resistant and doesn’t allow bacteria to grow. This glorious asset means that a wipe with a towel from time-to-time is all you need to keep your copper bath in good condition.



A copper tub will suit almost any bathroom, whether you want to create a luxurious and regal air or are going for the more rugged, industrial and modern feel. At The Cast Iron Bath Company, we supply a range of copper baths with different finishes, from the glossy, lacquer-plated tub to the all over brushed copper bath tub.

All of these qualities mean that you can have a comfortable and opulent centrepiece for your bathroom, but can live in the knowledge that you are getting a long-lasting and maintenance-free copper bath.