Which Is Better – Having A Bath Or A Shower?

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Washing is an important part of a daily hygiene routine, and different people have different preferences as to which they feel suits them.

Bathing is often favoured by some, using a bath of varying types such as a cast iron bath. These are large tub shaped pieces of bathroom furniture which allow you to fill them with warm water and wash and soak at the same time. A shower on the other hand is often a cubicle or similar device where water comes from above and leaves via a plug at the bottom. Different people have different preferences in terms of the two methods of washing.

Pros and Cons Of Baths And Showers

There are numerous different viewpoints as to whether baths or showers are better these include but are not exclusive to:

–          Size and Space – one of the main differences between a shower and a bath is the space that is utilised by each one. Baths tend to require a lot more space, in order to provide a more relaxing soaking environment so that you can stretch out. A shower needs a lot less space due to being an upright cubicle. In a smaller bathroom, then a shower is a better option for space usage.

–          Hygiene – in terms of cleanliness and hygiene, then many argue that having a shower is by far the better option. In a bath, although you are technically washing, the dirt that has come off you is still in the water, whereas the shower is a continual flow of water, meaning that when you have a shower you aren’t still sat in anything that has come off you.

–          Cost – in terms of the running costs of the two, a shower uses less water, which means that in the long run it should prevent you from having larger bills. This is a long term saving that will benefit you as the cost of utilities is always rising. Alongside this the environmental benefits of using less water, mean that showers are better for the environment because they use up less resources.

–          Relaxation – in terms of relaxation, a bath – especially a cast iron one, is more often than not the best option. This is because a bath allows you to take the space to relax, unwind and soak. A cast iron bath is the ultimate in bathing luxury and relaxation. Compared to a shower, there is little competition

Is A Bath Or a Shower the Best Option?

Overall the best solution could simply be to have both. If you have a corner bath then you can attach a shower mixer meaning that you can have the long soaking benefits of a bath; yet also have the speed and convenience of a shower.

If space is more prevalent then one option is to have a separate cast iron bath and shower is a great combination to invest in, as you have the best of both worlds.