What’s the Difference Between Bio and Non-Bio Washing Detergent?

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When it comes to Wash Powders and Wash Liquids, there are a large range of options available to the consumer. From different forms of delivery method, such as powders or liquids; to whether or not you are using a biological or non-bio washing detergent laundry detergent.

As the name suggests, biological detergents contain naturally occurring enzymes which come from micro-organisms such as bacteria. These enzymes speed up breakdown of fats starches and proteins which makes a biological wash powder or liquid more effective than a non biological powder or liquid.

When it comes to colours, non-bio washing detergent would be a better option. This is because the active micro-organisms that are found in biological wash products which have a strong effect on tough soiling also have a tough knock-on effect on the dyes of coloured clothes. Therefore it may be prudent to use a non-bio when doing daily washes on coloured clothing.

One benefit of the natural components of bio detergents however is their ability to operate at low temperatures. This means that if you have a lot of heavily soiled clothes then you can use a biological detergent at a low temperature. This means that you will use less energy because your washing machine would have to use more for higher temperatures, which in turn should save on energy bills.

The form of the washing product and the temperature of the wash also have a bearing on the washing process. Some powders contain bleaches, which means they are better suited to removing stains from whites; whereas non bio liquids can contain optical brighteners which make the fabrics have a cleaner brighter appearance which may not happen if you go down the more environmentally friendly route.
However tests have been undertaken to see what practical measures can be utilised in the home to re-use the enzymes involved in biological washing powder. This is because they haven’t lost their effect after one wash and as such are wasted and go down the train, where they don’t tend to fully break down.

Some people have suggested that biological washing products are more likely to cause skin irritations such as rashes as opposed to non biological products. However big manufacturers such as Unilever and Proctor And Gamble suggest that their laboratories test Non-Bio Products more rigorously to make sure colourings and perfumes don’t have adverse effects which may account for Non-Bio’s appearing to be more skin kind. This evidence has been supported by the British Journal of Dermatology.

Overall, laundry products are down to personal preference. It may be wise to stock a number of different products, in order to be equipped for different eventualities. For example it would be prudent to have a bio washing detergent available for heavily soiled whites; whereas non-bio wash detergent would be well suited to regular washing of lightly soiled clothing.