What Is WRAS Approved Hose?

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What is WRAS?

WRAS, in the UK is the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. It is a conformance mark which signifies that a particular item conforms to regulations set out in 1999. This term is used in a number of ways, firstly it is a company taking this name – owned by various UK water suppliers; secondly that items conform with regulations and thirdly for approved plumbing fittings and water transportation hoses and pipework.

WRAS regulations are enforced by companies in the UK which supply water. This covers plumbing systems; water fittings and all equipment supplied for use in public water supply. These regulations are in place, in order to ensure the safety and quality of the water used by humans

WRAS Approved Vs Non-WRAS Approved

The main difference between WRAS Approved and Non-WRAS Approved is that the pipes and fittings involved in WRAS Approved are suitable for transporting water that is suitable for human consumption. This means that drinking water has to be WRAS Approved or an equivalent recognised CE approval.

Non-WRAS Approved pipes and hoses are suitable for a whole host of other situations; where water that isn’t for drinking needs to be transported. For example they can be used to keep a golf course hydrated, for watering crops or for getting water to animals located a distance away from farm buildings

Where To Use WRAS Approved Hose

Some of the places that require WRAS Approved pipes or WRAS Approved to get drinking water to people include:

–          Festivals – festivals tend to cover large expanses of land and as such they require water to be transported from a to be as it is a heavy and difficult commodity to transfer. As festivals often take place in the summer, resulting in the weather being warmer and more of a risk of dehydration. Therefore water is essential and WRAS Approved is needed to get this to the festival goers.

–          Caravan Sites – caravan sites require a lot of water for their guests, as for each individual to take their own would be cumbersome and wouldn’t last too long. Therefore WRAS Approved hose is needed so that guests can pick up a supply as and when. The same is true of camping too.

–          Building sites – by their nature, a building site is an unfinished premises and therefore are unlikely to have all of their amenities in place. Because of this there is a requirement for fresh water, and this is where WRAS Approved pipe becomes essential

Why WRAS Approved is important

WRAS Approved is an important investment, because it is necessary to comply with the regulations in place by various public bodies. It is also important to safeguard your guests and employees and ensure that the water supply that they are accessing uses materials that are suited to human consumption.