What Is Water Jetting Used For?

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Industrial Water Jetting is a Great Solution for Many Problems

Industrial Water Jetting is increasingly being seen as an effective, eco-friendly and cost efficient way to harness the benefits of jet water power to carry out cleaning, form work and indelible mark removal.

Using hydro technology provided by us at Hydroblast means that you can carry out cleaning, demolition and removal work in a precise and efficient manner, ensuring that only the areas that require addressing are taken care of, leaving the surrounding areas untouched and, perhaps most importantly, undamaged.

Why Industrial Water Jetting is a Great Solution

Uses for Hydrodemolition

An area of growing demand for industrial jetting services is in paint and graffiti removal. Removing paint from walls and roads, due to the solvents and binders in their composition, have traditionally been tough to address. Whereas painting over them or using conventional commercially available cleaning products rarely does a complete job of removal, industrial jetting via hydro-blasting means paint is removed from any floor or wall in a satisfactory, clear way that does not cause any structural damage. Using our world class Falch equipment, paint and graffiti removal becomes far more efficient that attempts to scrub them off or cover them can be, and the absence of any chemicals in the process makes sure of the long-term safety of this approach.

The ability to remove paint and graffiti from walls can be extended to providing an entire, outstanding cleaning experience to the whole of a building. Industrial jetting can be used to wash down all exterior walls as well as most roofing, allowing you to gain even greater cost efficiency from our equipment.

Although it does not utilise chemicals itself, hydro-cleaning via industrial jetting does address the requirement in cleaning surfaces affected by chemicals and other potentially dangerous substances. Factories and workplaces where chemicals, oils and other products likely to leave stains and pose difficult, if not impossible, problems in respect of cleaning the floors and carrying out maintenance work. As is the case with paint and graffiti removal, the equipment and supporting accessories supplied by Hydroblast can provide a total solution to your floor cleaning requirements that is safe and efficient to use as well as being highly effective. Hydroblast’s floor cleaning industrial jetting is also capable of that most in-demand and difficult jobs – removing chewing gum from the ground.

Hydroblast are able to supply their specialised industrial jetting services and equipment across the United Kingdom. Our innovative and efficient abilities – including our pioneering and unique robotic hydro-blasting solutions – have seen us become the industry leaders. We look forward to be being able to provide you with the benefits of our skills and experience.