What is the Most Luxurious Pillow?

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Finding the right pillow is essential for your health and wellbeing. A good quality pillow will minimise the risk of neck injury and enable you to sleep more deeply and for longer, for optimum physical and mental health. This guide will help you find the most luxurious pillow to suit your requirements, so you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day ahead.

Find the Most Luxurious Pillow for You

Feather and Down Pillows

What is the most luxurious pillow?Generally speaking, feather and down fillings make for the most luxurious pillows, as they’re softer and more breathable than synthetic ones. Down is the layer of softer feathers found underneath the tougher exterior ones, so you should choose the feather to down ratio depending on how soft or firm you like your pillows.

  • Soft pillows – if you like a lot of ‘give’, something in the region of 80 percent down and 20 percent feather should be just about right. The lower profile makes this the best pillow for stomach sleepers.
  • Firm pillows – the best pillow for side sleepers, 100 or 80 percent feather pillows are perfect for those who like to have lots of support.
  • Medium pillows – for the best of both worlds, choose a pillow with a 50:50 feather to down ratio. Medium support pillows tend to be best for back sleepers.

You can also mix and match, so if you like a really soft pillow but are a side sleeper, place a feather pillow underneath your downy one for extra support.

Whether you choose duck or goose feather and down pillows is largely down to personal preference. Goose down tends to make for the most expensive pillows and because of this it is often perceived to be better than duck, but this is not strictly true. The price difference is actually due to the fact that duck feather and down is in greater supply than goose.

Synthetic Pillows

Anti allergy pillowWhile most people prefer the luxurious feel of feather and down pillows, they are unsuitable for some. Thanks to rapid advances in pillow technology over recent years, there are many great alternatives that mimic the properties of natural fillings but are suitable for sufferers of dust mite allergies. Synthetic pillows also tend to be easier to care for than feather and down, as they’re usually machine washable. The two most popular synthetic fillings are memory foam and microfibre.

  • Memory foam pillows – these cradle the head and neck, making them ideal for those who are susceptible to aches and pains.
  • Microfibre pillows – these lightweight pillows are cheaper than most and come in various levels of firmness to suit front, back and side sleepers.

Latex Pillows

Latex pillows are another option that has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially amongst allergy sufferers. Derived from plants and trees, latex is a natural polymer that is foamed to create lots of tiny bubbles, giving the pillow bounce and spring. Like memory foam, a latex pillow will cradle the head and neck, but it won’t sink down as much so it’s important to pick the correct height for your sleeping position.

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