What Is The Best Airbrush For Model Making

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What airbrushes would make my models look the best?

An airbrush is a tool operated by compressed air that sprays a number of substances but predominantly paint onto a surface. When it comes to selecting what airbrush to buy, it is important to assess what you plan on doing with the airbrush, and what you will be passing through (paint, dye  etc.).

When it comes to modelling, then paint is the substance of choice and as such you should choose an air brush designed for use with paint. As with any form of creative process the tool is important, however the most skilled modellers could do a good job with a low end airbrush and vice versa. In terms of airbrush, there are two types – single action or double action.

A single action airbrush simply involves pushing down on the button and paint being released, whereas the dual action airbrush involves pushing down for air to be released and pulling the trigger in order for paint to flow.

When it comes to people newly entering the airbrush market, single action airbrushes are best for modelling, due to being simpler to use and a good starting point to get into.iwata hp 50

Consensus in the airbrush community suggests that single action airbrushes are less expensive, with fewer parts, which allows them to be more easily cleaned and they are good for general coverage; however this makes them a little limited in capability and allows the user less detailed control.

On the other hand a double action airbrush tends to be more flexible in terms of capability, and users tend to have a greater control over their work, allowing the creation of finer lines. However these products tend to be more costly and a little more complex to get to grips with.

In terms of brand of choice, a large proportion of the modelling community would vouch for the reliability and quality of Iwata airbrushes, when it comes to fulfilling the sort of task that modellers require. Because the Iwata airbrush range is large, then there are a number of options available to suit all talent and budgetary ranges.

As they are a popular brand, those just entering the market would be able to receive a lot of help and support within the modelling and airbrush community, either at conventions or via the internet. Also as the company is renowned and puts high value on its reliability and usability all products have at least five years of warranty on them from new, allowing for greater peace of mind when investing