What Is A Roll Top Bath?

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What is a Cast Iron Roll Top Bath?

A roll top bath, is a free standing bath, with curved edges. These are key defining features of the roll top bath, which allow bathers to enjoy a more relaxing soak without having sharp pointed edges. These free standing baths are often raised on feet, in order to keep the floor dry and prevent floorboards rotting or mildew forming. There is also a tendency for these baths to be deep and longer than a traditional bath, allowing the potential for two people to soak comfortably.

So what are the benefits of the roll top bath?

Firstly, a cast iron bath being as thick and deep as it is means that it is a better insulator than an acrylic bath, therefore keeping the water warm for longer. This allows the bather to soak for a longer period of time in water that retains its heat without the need for adding more. This means you won’t need to waste more water than needed, therefore it is a better option for the environment and for your utility bills.

Alongside this, the thickness of the cast iron used in a roll top bath, means that they have a tendency to be durable and hard wearing, especially when put alongside an acrylic bath. Roll top baths can stand the test of time, as seen by the restoration of original cast iron baths from the Victorian era.

This durability, also means that they are hard to damage and scratch, which is not always the case with acrylic bath tubs. The cast iron used in the manufacture of a roll top bath, often has imperfections which add a unique touch to each individual bath; as opposed to the uniformity that goes alongside mass produced acrylic baths; meaning they have individual charm and character.

Another plus side of roll top baths, is that they are easy to clean and maintain.  The durable surface of a cast iron bath means that they can withstand even the most abrasive of cleaners. Similarly you can simply fill the bath up with a full amount of hot water and then add detergent and leave the bath to soak, allowing you to just wipe down once it has finished soaking.

Having a deep and long bath allows the bather to relax in spacious comfort, as well as allowing for more water to be held by the bath. This extra space also makes it possible for a lot of roll top baths to comfortably allow two people to soak at once.

Most roll top baths tend to come with a basic white outer surface coat of paint. In order to modify this to your own individual tastes or to choose a scheme that fits in with your bathroom, simply lightly sand and rub down the outer surface of the bath, and turn the bath upside down so that you don’t get paint on the interior surface.

Therefore, a cast iron roll top bath is a great idea if you want something unique and special to your bathroom; as both something that will look attractive, and also add a different level of enjoyment to bath time, which isn’t achievable with a run of the mill acrylic bath tub.