What Is A Bubble Tube?

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What Are Bubble Tubes?

When it comes to a sensory environment, then a whole host of apparatus is needed in order to create an area that is stimulating or calming (depending on the individual requirements of the user). One of the items found in many of these sensory rooms and environments is a bubble tube.

Experia Bubble Tube What Is A Bubble Tube?

Bubble tubes used in a sensory environment are a unique accessory which will create a calming effect on the user, however they also encourage and stimulate interaction – an important function for many people who suffer from issues in terms of sensory development. This happens, but creating constantly moving and colour changing bubbles – these have the dual effect of being both eye catching and soothing.

Using a bubble tube in a sensory room will immediately catch the attention of your patient or patients. Those who suffer from Sensory Processing Disorder will benefit greatly from the tube and its coloured moving bubbles, as they will help to build on their visual development and communications skills.

With the latest developments ins technology – using LED lights, bubble tubes from Experia are surprisingly quiet – with the only sound that is released being the soft sound of the bubbling water. LED bulbs, unlike traditional bulbs are long lasting, and also more energy efficient. There are a whole host of sizes of these tubes available, from mini to 200mm in diameter. Portable versions are even available – which mean that you can create a soothing sensory environment if you need to travel somewhere.

What Are the Benefits of Bubble Tubes?

There are a number of reasons why bubble tubes are beneficial for those who have a range of sensory and developmental difficulties these include:

  • Calming – the calming and soothing nature of a bubble tube will help relax a patient and make them feel at ease. This can be especially useful when de-escalation is required in order to make the person in your care feel more settled in their environment
  • Stimulating – as well as being calming, a bubble tube has the power to stimulate the senses of the person in your care. The colours and moving bubbles are a great way of helping sensory development, especially in a visual capacity.
  • Development – by stimulating the senses with a bubble tube, then you can encourage development within a patient. Interaction and movement are a part of the bubble tube experience, because they encourage those in your care to touch and interact with them.

What Bubble Tube is Right for Me?

When it comes to bubble tubes, the main consideration is where they will fit into your home or establishment. You need to make sure that you get the right size so that there is room for other sensory equipment. To find out more then speak to Experia today and see how we can help you.