What are Waffle Towels?

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Everything You Need to Know About Waffle Towels

As the name would suggest, waffle towels are those that have raised squares woven into the fabric in a waffle or honeycomb formation. Most commonly seen in the kitchen and bathroom, they are prized for their absorbency and fast drying time. But precisely what are waffle towels, how are they made and why might you choose them over another type of towel?

What is waffle fabric used for?

Waffle fabric is most commonly used to make towels, including bath towels, tea towels and dish cloths. It is also seen on dressing gowns and is sometimes used to add detail to luxury bed linen, such as the borders on duvet covers and pillowcases.

What are waffle towels made from?

What are waffle towels?Waffle towels are typically made from either cotton or microfibre, which is woven on a loom. This makes them more durable than chemically produced towels, and they tend to last for longer as a result. Bathroom waffle towels and bathrobes are usually made from cotton for extra softness, while kitchen waffle towels can be made from either cotton or microfibre.

What are the benefits of a waffle weave towel?

  • Waffle towels have a large surface area, and are therefore very absorbent.
  • The weave allows for a good amount of airflow, so they dry more quickly than terrycloth and flat weave towels.
  • The faster drying time means that they stay fresher for longer without harbouring germs and unpleasant odours.
  • The ridges in kitchen waffle towels are ideal for picking up bits of food and dirt that have become stuck to the surfaces.
  • The ridges in bathroom waffle towels exfoliate the skin, leaving it soft and glowing.
  • Neutral and white cotton waffle towels will add a chic, continental touch to your bathroom.
  • Waffle weave bathroom towels and dressing gowns are cooler than plush ones, so are ideal for the summer.
  • They are less bulky than plush towels, so they take up less storage space and are great for travelling. This also means lighter laundry loads.

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