What Are The Different Medical Uniforms And Healthcare Uniforms?

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Why Do Healthcare Professionals Wear Medical Uniforms?

When it comes to healthcare, it is important to have a level of cleanliness and hygiene, due to the nature of the work and the increased susceptibility to illness and infection faced by those in your care. Medical uniforms are an important factor in this, as their simple durable design is aimed to allow doctors, nurses and other health professionals to prevent disease spreading.

Medical Uniforms – also known as medical scrubs are made from a blend of polyester and cotton; they are a simple garment that is designed to prevent spreading infection, they can be easily washed and due to being relatively cheap they can be replaced easily.

Different Types Of Healthcare Uniform

–          Tunics – this is a classical style of medical uniform, and due to its versatility and practicality tunics can be styled to suit men or women in a range of capacities. Medical tunics are simple and durable, and can be acquired in a range of colours and designs, which can help to distinguish rank and role within teams. These can also designed to the particular hospital or institute you work for, allowing you to recognise a colleague easily.

–          Scrub Trousers – Much the same as the medical tunics, these are a practical and durable option that are available for males and females. The colours and designs of scrub trousers that are available are designed to match the scrub top that they accompany in order to have a flowing look and maintain the standards of dress throughout the staff.

–          Lab Coats – Another item that can be worn by male or female healthcare professionals, these are practical solutions when working in laboratory situations, in order to prevent the wearer from getting unpleasant chemicals on themselves or their clothes. Also, because a lab coat is white, it is ideal for showing up any stains, meaning before you enter a laboratory you will see any potential contaminants.

Are Healthcare Uniforms and Medical Uniforms Essential?

When it comes to the medical profession, a medical uniform is important, as it helps to keep the wearer clean and avoid contamination of clean areas. The simple design of medical uniforms means that bacteria and germs have less potential to grow and multiply, helping maintain a clean environment.

Alongside this, being able to recognise colleagues, tell various ranks apart and distinguish other professionals from the general public is a huge bonus of the medical uniform. Medical uniforms are essential for the safety of the public and for the ability to distinguish professionals in order to go to the right people for help and assistance.