What Are The Benefits Of Pressure Relief Products?

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What are Pressure Relief Products?

As the population ages and people require more care in varying degrees due to physical reasons such as long term chronic pain, pressure relieving products can be a great asset; both to the medical and care industry but also to those who are caring for a relative at home.

Why Are Pressure Relief Products Necessary?

Pressure relief products come in a variety of forms. Depending on the severity of the patient’s condition, then different types of pressure relief are used. Some pressure relief is just to provide additional seating comfort, for example if a patient lacks mobility and spends a lot of time seated or in bed.

High risk pressure relief products are for those who are highly likely to suffer from pressure ulcers – commonly known as bedsores. These are the result of a lot of pressure being applied to an area for a short amount of time, or a lower amount of pressure on an area for a long period of time. In Britain over half a million people a year develop bedsores to one degree or another.

Pressure ulcers often form when a person is admitted to hospital with a sudden illness and confined to bed; it is thought that around one in twenty people admitted to hospital develop a pressure ulcer. This in itself isn’t too severe, however there are complications that can arise from it. Those patients who are bedridden can suffer long term complications such as gangrene or blood poisoning which can lead to unpleasant circumstances.

What Are The Pressure Relief Options?

Pressure relief products are designed to alleviate the risk of pressure ulcers forming and in turn any complications arising from these. Pressure relief cushions and pressure relief mattresses are an ideal preventative measure.

Pressure relief products for those in the high risk category – for example those who are bed ridden through illness or suffering from chronic pain or injury that prevents them from moving; can benefit from having pressure relieving mattress. These operate in a fashion whereby the pressure alternates throughout the mattress, with airflow controlled by a compressor. This means that the patient is not on a hard surface in the same place at all times.

For less severe cases, then a pressure relief product is often made of memory foam as this is designed to aid sleep and posture and would be helpful for those who suffer joint pain or other similar ailments.

Pressure relief products are just part of the process of ensuring that patients don’t suffer further complications. Having a profiling bed can mean that patients can be moved comfortably which helps alleviate pressure, and also ensuring that proper patient handling measures are taken