What are the Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress?

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Memory foam is a by-product of NASA research into improving aircraft safety. It is designed to mould the shape of a person’s body, and slowly return to its original shape, allowing for a comfortable supportive night’s sleep that isn’t offered by a regular mattress. By moulding to the shape of someone’s body, then there is a better natural weight distribution resulting in greater comfort and a sleep that is better for the major pressure points.

Memory Foam Mattress

Because memory foam has the ability to distribute weight better than a normal mattress when someone is using it, research has suggested that this is better for people suffering from back or joint pain.

Traditional views suggested that a firm mattress would be best in these situations, however by alleviating pressure on the areas that hurt, then a more restful sleep may be possible, which wouldn’t have been the case on a firm mattress that has less give in it.

With memory foam providing a more relaxing sleep experience, then the quality of sleep is in turn improved. When the body is more comfortable, then a deeper level of sleep is possible. This as a positive effect on the heart and lungs, as blood pressure is lowered and less strain is put on these systems.

When the neck and throat are rested in a more natural position, then the airways are clearer which will help to avoid some forms of sleep apnoea. This means that the tongue takes up a less obstructive position, airflows better and potentially, things such as snoring will become a less frequent occurrence and sleep will be a higher quality for the sleeper and their partner if they share a bed.

If you’re operating on a tight budget or just want to bring new life to a mattress you already have, a mattress topper is an option to consider. This can sit on top of mattress that is already there and create a comfortable surface that isn’t as expensive as a full mattress, and potentially if you travel a lot, could be taken with you if you have to work away and stay in hotels regularly.

In terms of hygiene a memory foam mattress is considered to be more hygienic, as it doesn’t provide a suitable environment for bed bugs and dust mites to live in, which is good for suffers of conditions such as asthma, however it doesn’t guarantee these creatures won’t make a home elsewhere in the bedroom.

Overall, memory foam should be considered as an option if you’re looking to improve your sleep, whether it is simply for comfort, or to make your night more comfortable if you have sustained an injury or are suffering from long term problems with joints arthritis or other chronic injuries and pains.