What Are The Benefits Of A Drawing Board?

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What Is A Drawing Board?

When someone needs to undertake a drawing, whether it is an engineer drafting plans for a project that they are wanting to put into action, or somebody drawing for a hobby, they want to achieve the best result possible. One way to ensure this is the use of a drawing board.

A drawing board, is a device that is suitable for drawing on, often on fairly large scales, with most sizes ranging from A0 to A3. Because of this, there is room for large documents, to be read or edited. Drawing boards are sometimes known as rafting boards- because people draft plans on them – or drawing tables, as they are commonly on a stand and can rotate through a range of degrees, to suit the user and allow better access to the creating the drawing they want.

So What Are The Benefits Of A Drawing Board?

–          A drawing board provides a large surface area to work on especially ones that are as large as A0. This means that plans and drawings can be worked on in one go, rather than having to be done in sections and then pieced together. This means that the drawing is a more accurate representation when it is finished.

–          A drawing board will hold the document that you’re working on in place. This means that there is less likely chance of slippage and as such the end result would be more desirable.

–          By providing a rigid surface to draw on, a drawing board means that drawings can be produced to a high standard and there is again, less chance of slippage, but also due to the flat surface there will be a better finished article as the material you are drawing on should be  perfectly smooth and as such not affect the movement of your pencil.

–          The versatility of a drawing board means that you can get yourself in a great position that you feel comfortable with to do your drawings. Because drawing board stands allow you manoeuvre the board and therefore your work, you can get the best access and produce great results that you wouldn’t manage at a desk.

–          The ability to have varied positions for your drawing board is beneficial to your health and well being. Because you can move the board, then the need to be slouched or bent over is greatly reduced which can avoid neck and back problems that may result from prolonged periods of this which may have occurred without a drawing board.

–          A nice additional bonus of having a drawing board in your office or wherever you choose to work, is that it adds a professional looking touch as opposed to just having a desk to work on. If you’re using your drawings for work purposes this gives across the right impression.

Could I Make My Own Drawing Board?

In theory, you could make your own drawing board, in monetary costs it would be the cheap option, however the overall benefit to the work you would be producing would be less than a purpose made drawing board. Because drawing boards are purpose built they have the drawers best interests in mind when it comes to design.

Buying from a  reputable brand, such as Blundell Harling or Orchard, means that you will get a high quality product that will last a long time and therefore help you produce some fantastic results!