What Are The Benefits Of A Copper Bath?

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What Is A Copper Bath?

As the name suggests, a copper bath is a bathtub crafted from copper. These stunning baths add a sense of classical design to a bathroom, and a well suited to homes which are looking to have a traditional look and feel about them. Copper bathtubs are a form of roll top bath, and tend to be a lot more spacious than the acrylic bathtubs found in mainstream retailers.

A copper bath will add a sense of character to either your bathroom or master bedroom, not only allowing you a luxury soak, but also providing visitors to your home a talking point and making you the envy of your friends!

What Are The Advantages Of A Copper Bath?

Copper Bath

Copper Bath

Copper baths have a whole host of advantages over acrylic baths, some of these include:

–          Heat Retention – due to the copper they are made out of, copper baths retain the water temperature much better than an acrylic bath. This works to your advantage, as it means that you don’t have to add further water should you wish to have a longer soak, which is better both in terms of the environment and also for your water and energy bills.

–          Hygiene – copper baths are easily cleaned, which makes them a positive addition to any bathroom, however possibly more important than this is due to their surface, they don’t make a suitable place for bacteria to grow which makes them much more hygienic.

–          Strong – the strength and resilience of a copper bath, means that they will last a long time, and also be harder to damage or scratch, especially when compared to an acrylic bath. So for example if you have young children who take toys to bathtime, they are less likely to damage the surface of the bath

–          Luxury Soaking – copper baths tend to be deeper and longer than their high street counterparts, and this allows you to really make the most of your bathing experience. In tandem with the heat retention capabilities, copper baths are the ultimate in luxury soaking experience.

–          Freestanding – having a copper bath which is freestanding, means that you are given a lot more freedom for where you can locate it. This opens up the possibility of adding a bath to your master bedroom, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of a long soak and be relaxed for bed. This also allows for some customisation, as you can apply an even more classic look by foregoing traditional taps and adding a standpipe.

So Which Bath Type Is Better?

This is all down to personal choice. Different baths suit different people, for instance some people may like to achieve the modern look, or not want to put out the initial outlay for a copper bath when the rest of renovating a bathroom is also an expensive process.

However if you want a high quality relaxing bathing experience then a copper bath is ideal. The design for comfort and the ability to retain heat better, not to mention the stunning looks it offers means that in my eyes a copper bath beats an acrylic bath hands down every time!