What are Lace Wigs?

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All You Need To Know About Lace Front Wigs

Purchasing a wig can be a lengthy process as lots of vital research is needed to ensure you have found the perfect one for you. With so many different wig constructions on offer it’s hard to know which one to choose. However, lace front wigs are one of the most natural looking wigs on the market today and therefore the ideal choice if you want to maintain a natural appearance whilst looking fabulous at the same time.

So what are lace wigs?

Lace front wigs are a specific type of wig made from a sheer lace base. Lace front wigs can be made from human hair or synthetic hair which is then tied by hand to the lace creating the ultimate natural hairline for your wig. What’s more, the sheer lace foundation allows movability for the hair to be styled away from the face, creating an even more realistic look.

The benefits of lace front wigs are endless as the versatility of the lace gives you the freedom to style your hair as if it were your own. The lightweight base allows you to part your hair wherever you want and the superfine front section provides the all-important undetectable hairline. This wig is also great for ladies suffering from hair loss as many lace front wigs are fitted with a non-slip poly strip which is seamlessly constructed in the front of the wig for reliable staying-power and added comfort.

There are three main categories of lace front wigs:

•    The Un-cut Design: This is a bit of a DIY wig as all lace front wigs will need to be cut to fit in with the shape of your head. Cutting the lace back to where the fibre has been hand knotted into the lace mesh is a basic guide.
•    The Pre-cut Design: This is the easy-peasy category of the lace front wig and how the majority of wigs are sold. No extra cutting should be needed as the fringe edging should still look realistic and have the desired effect.
•    The Partly-cut Design: This design allows a bit of choice. The partly-cut appearance is often scalloped to allow a gentle finish that you can either leave or trim back further to the hairline if you want added versatility when styling.

Lace front wigs are the secret to so many flawless celebrity styles. The most infamous celebrity wig ambassador is Raquel Welch, a great advocate for the lace front wig. With her ever-changing hairstyles, lace front wigs are the perfect solution for an interchangeable look with minimal effort. If you are feeling indecisive or just can’t decide on one singular look, a selection of lace front wigs will give you gorgeous natural looking tresses that fit in with your mood.