What Are Hydraulic Hoses?

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Industrial hose is an important  aspect of making sure that industrial processes work properly. There are various different types of hose; all of which serve different purposes. Some foods are designed to move water from one area to another (these can be subdivided as to whether or not they are suitable for transferring drinking water or not drinking water.)

One of the most important and commonly used types of industrial hose, is hydraulic hose. This is a type of hose that is often used in machinery and various mechanical processes. It is a high pressure synthetic hose which is often reinforced. Hydraulic hose works by carrying fluid to transmit force and therefore create movement.

What Is A Hydraulic Hose Made From?

Hydraulic hose tends to be made from three layers. These can vary in terms of what the components are made from but as a rule hydraulic hoses tend to have the following make up:

–          Inner Tube – this is the internal part of the hose. It needs to be compatible with the type of fluid that it will be transferring, so as to avoid corrosion. This also means that it needs to be able to handle the stress and pressure that is needed for motion and force as well as allowing free flow.

–          Reinforcement – this is a layer that surrounds the inner tube; made from wire which is either coiled or braided. This both supports and protects the inner tube, in order to avoid tears and damage

–          Outer Layer-  The outer layer of the hydraulic hose is made of rigid materials which keep the internal contents safe and avoids the elements having any effect on the workings.

Variations Of Hydraulic Hose

There are a number of different variations to this make up of hydraulic hose. Different tasks will require the use of different materials and techniques. Some of these include:

–          Reinforced – this type of hose has additional protection in the reinforced layer meaning that it will be a stronger way to transport fluids. This in the form of an additional wire usually

–          Coiled – coiled hydraulic hose is designed for expansion and easy storage. This is semi rigid and can therefore stretch in a way that doesn’t put additional strain on the materials

–          Corrugated – these hoses are also good at increasing expansion. Corrugated hoses have small threads or folds in the material that allow expansion without damage

–          Articulated – these are built in sections, with flexible joints and rigid sections – this allows for turning around other components

Choosing the right Hydraulic Hose

Without the right hose, then components and machinery might not function correctly. It is always wise to seek an expert opinion of what to buy. Getting hoses custom assembled to suit your needs is one of the best ways to make sure that your hydraulic hose is fit for purpose, and meets all the necessary safety requirements.