Wedding Worthy Hairpieces for Women

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Becoming the beautiful bride on your wedding day takes months of meticulous planning. Of course, choosing the perfect dress is at the top of the checklist however the perfect hairstyle comes a close second, often completing the bridal look. Hairpieces for Women are a great way to create a beautiful bridal style that will look classic and keep your wedding photo album a timeless reminder of your special day.

There are many ways to wear your Wedding Hair Pieces to accommodate a traditional or more contemporary style dependent on bridal preference.

The Honour Wedding Bun is an incredibly versatile look that can be worn by bride or bridesmaid. This Wedding Hair Piece has a subtle plait woven into the perimeter of the bun with smaller, more delicate plaits woven into the main body of the bun. The clip attachment is easy to use, although extra kirby grips are recommended for extra security, avoiding a hair crisis on the big day! If you are wanting to create a boho look with this hairpiece, wave your own hair prior to attaching it. Once your hair is waved, loosely tie it back into a side bun, letting stray waves fall loosely around your face, then attach the Honour Wedding Bun to your own bun and voila! You have an effortless boho style that would look great in any vintage wedding or complement any bride wearing a full lace wedding dress.

For a more classic and traditional look, the Promise Wedding Bun is an understated hairpiece that will help your wedding or bridesmaid dress really take centre stage. The thick plaited woven hair is styled into a classic bun, with two flexible clips that can easily be attached to your own hair.     You can dress this bun easily with a floral hair accessory wrapped around the perimeter of the bun for a pretty, more feminine twist. Alternatively, you can create an unfussy style by keeping it simple and attaching the hairpiece at the nape of your neck, creating a low bun with your hair brushed neatly underneath, simple but beautiful.

Finally the Forever Wedding Bun is one of the more modern wedding Hairpieces for Women. This hairpiece is purposely classed as a more ‘messy’ style, in keeping with the current wedding favourites of this season. As the inner construction is slightly smaller than the other two Wedding Hair Pieces, it is perfect for ladies with finer hair. The Forever Wedding Bun also has an innovative drawstring feature which allows you to simply tighten the drawstring attachment around your natural hair for a secure fit. This simple but effective messy bun is great for a more laidback style which can be used to complement heavy bridal makeup or a more detailed wedding dress.

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