Using Primary School Songs For Learning And Development

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How Primary School Songs Can Help Children Learn

Primary school is a key stage of a child’s development and a time when a lot of their learning in a formative way takes place, which can have a big effect on them in later life. Primary school songs can help children learn and develop in a variety of ways, and as such it is something that should be encouraged in the education system. Some of the benefits of songs and music in primary schools include:

–          Confidence – by getting children to partake in group signing, then children get confidence in group activities as they are using their talent but in a way that doesn’t single them out. Primary school songs tend to be lively which encourages the children to sing up and have the confidence to participate

–          Expressing Themselves – music in primary schools is a great way to get your pupils to express themselves by participating in singing. As the children get more confident, then they will feel more suited to expressing themselves through songs. Learning how to express themselves, will mean that the children become better at social interaction.

–          Participation – because singing and music in primary schools involves something slightly more involved than a normal lesson then children are likely to participate in something that they see as fun and interesting, therefore encouraging

–          Language Development – studies have shown that singing to younger children helps them develop language better, however being able to sing in a group can help teach new vocabulary and an ability to use new words, as well as helping with their diction. Children develop better verbal emotion and spatial awareness through primary school songs

–          Memory – learning songs contextualises things, so teaching a particular subject or fact through primary school songs, is a great way to get children to learn and remember things.

–          Brain Development – research shows that children’s brains develop better if singing is involved in the classroom, as it encourages brain activity on a number of levels, and this stimulation is good for development.

–          Student Teacher Bond – if your class sees that you are engaging with them in singing, then it will improve your relationship with them, as they will see it as a huge positive that an adult is engaging in a fun activity with them, and make them seem more accessible.

What Are The Best Type Of Primary School Songs?

The range of primary school songs that are available is huge, the content of the songs themselves isn’t always the most important factor, at a young age songs that encourage participation are the best option. The more your class gets confident in participating in songs, the more likely they are to benefit from songs that have a more educational content.

Songs and music in primary schools are an important educational resource, incorporating songs into teaching about number, time and other concepts for children at early ages encourages your class to pick up valuable ideas, because it seems like a fun engaging activity.