Using Mobility Equipment To Make Life Easier

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Mobility Equipment – Helping People Get Around

As the population ages, one of the problems that is faced by the older generations is that of decreased mobility. In order to help them continue to carry on their business in a dignified manner that doesn’t restrict the doing things that they enjoy and being self sufficient, a range of mobility equipment is available. Not everyone requires the additional support offered by mobility equipment, however there are a number of options to help make life easier.

Who is  Mobility Equipment For?

Mobility equipment has a range of uses, and due to the range of different options that are available on the market, different products are suited to different people with different needs: Some of these groups include:

–          The Elderly – as people age, their ability to get around as easily diminishes, due to the tolls that aging takes on the body. Using mobility equipment can help your older relatives get by in a comfortable dignified way, therefore improving their quality of life and also meaning that they don’t feel like a burden on having to be taken places or assisted

–          Those recovering from injury – mobility equipment can help those that have suffered a serious injury or have had to have a major operation, get back on the road to full fitness by helping them have more freedom of movement in their rehabilitation process.

–          Sufferers of Obesity – those who suffer from obesity, sometimes require a little additional assistance with their mobility. Some products are specially tailored to help out – these are known as bariatric products.

–          Those with chronic conditions – people who suffer from chronic conditions (conditions that are long lasting or recurring) may need some additional help with mobility, if it is a back or limb injury which cause them a lot of pain. The additional support offered by mobility products means that those with chronic conditions can maintain some of their freedom.

What Kinds Of mobility Products Are Available?

There are a number of options available when it comes to mobility products, this article is looking into the ones that allow the user to maintain a sense of independence, whereas other products can be used by those in care to help safely move their patients and clients in a dignified manner:

–          Mobility Scooters – mobility scooters are a common sight on the high street, they allow their users to get from a to b securely, comfortably and in dignity as well as allowing them to make life easier by being able to carry their shopping and other tasks. These are often used by the elderly and help to retain a high level of independence that may not be achievable without them.

–          Wheelchairs – there are two types, electric or self propelled. Wheelchairs are ideal for a whole range of uses, whether it is just to aid a patient recovering from an operation or rehabilitating from injury, to being useful for those with a chronic condition that requires additional support and relief. Depending of the severity of the condition of the user then an electric or self propelled wheelchair may be appropriate

–          Rollators – these are ideal for people who can walk but need an additional measure of support or assistance. A rollatormobility-scooters is a wheeled walker that takes some of the strain off the user’s legs and helps them to get around independently

–          Walking aids – this covers devices such as walking sticks and walking frames. These are usually best utilised by those that have a decent degree of mobility but still want an additional degree of support, so possibly someone towards the end of their rehabilitation cycle.

What Is The Best Mobility Equipment For Me?

Because he field of mobility equipment is quite a broad topic, there is no one ideal answer to this. Different people with different problems will require different mobility equipment, it is always best to speak to a mobility specialist who will understand what your personal needs are, and can then advise you on the best course of action for your individual requirements.