Using Educational Songs To Teach

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The Best Educational Songs for Kids

Using educational songs in the classroom is a great way to help your kids learn and offers a huge range of other benefits. The best educational songs are those that help your class to learn and memorise information, potentially without them even realising!

Some of the benefits of educational songs in the classroom include:

–          Memory – educational songs can help children to contextualise information and remember it more easily, especially if these songs are catchy and memorable.

–          Timing – singing educational songs in rounds can improve childrens’ timing and coordination, both of which are highly transferable skills.

–          Confidence – group singing activities can help bring each child out of their shell, encouraging them to interact freely with the rest of the class.

–          Language development – educational songs can help develop children’s vocabulary as well as their communication and pronunciation skills.

–          Brain development – research shows that singing and being sung to from an early age has a positive effect on children’s brain development, engaging and stimulating different areas.

–          Expressing themselves – singing in the classroom gives children the opportunity to express themselves, another skill that becomes extremely important later on in life.

Educational Songs for Schools:

Some of the best educational songs for schools come from the following songbooks:Eddie The Penguin Saves The World

–          Eddie the Penguin Saves the World – a topical play about the environment and the world around us, covering issues such as recycling, saving water and looking after the planet. Eddie the Penguin does his best to save the planet and spreads the word about how to change the world for the better.

–          Songs about Space – an exciting collection of songs about space that will help you teach your class about the universe in a way they won’t forget. Teach them all about the planets, stars and solar system in a fun and lively way!.

What Are the Best Educational Songs for Children?

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to the best educational songs for children. It all depends on what your class is like, what subject you’re teaching and what moral message you want to get across, if any. Some classes may respond a lot better to educational songs than others, and you should try tailoring your teaching methods to suit.

Educational songs are available for a whole range of subjects, so when you choose one for your class, weigh up what lessons you want to teach and how you want to teach them. Things such as languages, are good to teach through song, as your pupils will pick up on aspects such as pronunciation, learning new vocabulary and developing the language centre of the brain.

If you wish to enhance your pupils learning in the classroom, then using some professionally written educational songs and accompanying music can really help them build up confidence and skills in order to get better at interacting with their peers and the world around them.