Use Retail Bakery Shelving To Boost Your Sales

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How To Make Use Of Bakery Shelving

As the name suggests, bakery shelving is designed with your baked goods in mind. Having a combination of protection and attractive presentation is important, so that your customers find your produce at its best; and also so that it looks appealing to those who have a tendency to impulse buy.

Just having a good product isn’t enough in the current climate; it has to be well presented and well looked after in order to make it appealing and therefore sell units.

If you feel that your store needs to reconsider the type of bakery shelving that it is using, then the first consideration should be that you utilise purpose made bakery shelving. British made Radford shelving is one of the most popular high quality  types of Bakery shelving, renowned for being durable, affordable and available in a range of colours in order to blend in with your store.

A huge range of major retailers use Radford shelving within their sores, such as curry’s, Tesco Aldi and Asda. These shelving solutions are also compatible with the majority of major European shelving systems, and the components mean that they can be mixed and matched easily in order to create the right sort of look for your store. This style has a more homely ‘corner shop’ feel to  make the shelving and ;layout more appealing to consumers

The Radford range’s use of wire in the display areas instead of solid materials, means that the produce looks more attractive, and also allows for freshly baked goods to be able to release the attractive aromas that entice buyers in more easily. Bakery ShelvingThis is also better for cleaning and maintenance and with wire bakery shelving crumbs from things such as break and fresh goods fall through the gaps rather than collecting on shelves.

Radford Bakery Shelving allows your shop’s shelves to be angled, which means that you can make the most of the valuable space that you have and as such you can make the most of this space and still make attractive displays. The versatility of these also helps, as it means that you can vary the products you offer up, on a seasonal basis.

Bakery shelving also incorporates mobile display units, that are on wheels which are easily  moved by one person, in order to position particular goods at certain hotspots which will drive sales. These wheels are lockable so there is no danger of the shelving coming loose.

The advantage of the Radford range so that it can either be standard sizes or tailor made to suit your individual store. This is especially useful for stores where space isn’t as prevalent and you need to maximise the area you have.

For more information about our range of Radford bakery shelving, then contact Shelving Solutions Ltd, who will be able to provide you all the help you need when it comes to your shelving needs; whether you require a standard product or you need some tailor made solutions.