Two Main Types of Vending Machines

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There are two main types of vending machines – those that supply food and those that supply drinks.

Food Vending Machines

There has been a recent push for vending machines to sell a healthier selection of snacks. And whilst it may not be possible for vending machines to deliver a freshly made fruit salad every day, there are healthier options available other than the usual crisps and chocolates that one should try to avoid.

A lot of people don’t just turn to food when they are hungry, but also when they’re stressed or worried about something too. This is not a healthy habit to have and can make a nearby vending machine filled with unhealthy snacks’ dangerous to have around.

This is what makes the idea of healthy vending appealing to many types of businesses and organisations because by encouraging a healthier lifestyle, they will be doing their bit in the fight against things like obesity and absenteeism.

During our working day the most common time to snack is mid morning and late afternoon. This is when our body is in need of a slight energy boost – not necessarily for something big, but definitely something nutritional.

Some people prefer to take snacks with to work, however often you won’t feel like eating what you brought with and instead end up wasting your food. This is when a vending machine is a handy solution to your snacking time problem. Just try and be a smart snacker and choose options that are good for your figure and health too.

Hot Drinks Vending Machines

Also known as coffee machines, they can produce a wide selection of hot drinks like tea and hot chocolate to more complicated options such as lattes, mochas and cappuccinos, without any human help. Once the machine has blended your beverage of choice it will pour it rather than dispense it.

The machine is a popular addition to any type of office or corporate environment where employees consume high volumes of coffee every day.

Both these types of vending machines are available in different sizes and can be filled with supplies to suit your unique requirements. They can be purchased or rented from various suppliers and may require regular maintenance checks or a service from time to time, as well as need to be monitored to so they don’t run out of supplies.

The installation of these machines has become extremely popular due to their affordable costs and high range of benefits to all who use them.