Top Tips For Spring Cleaning (Part One)

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What Is The Purpose Of Spring Cleaning?

Now that spring has arrived, it is a great time to have a fresh start in your home and do some spring cleaning in order to make your home feel more welcoming and less cluttered. Spring cleaning is a traditional notion that gives you the chance to really make a difference to the way your home looks.

One thing to possibly consider is that with spring weather being temperamental, then make use of the less pleasant spring days and when the weather is less favourable get to grips with some cleaning. Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be tackled all at once, with the right cleaning products you can methodically do a room or two at a time, meaning that you don’t lose interest or get worn down by too much spring cleaning all at once.


Some of the cleaning essentials you might need for spring cleaning

Top Tips For Spring Cleaning

Some top tips and checklist items to think of when it comes to spring cleaning and the cleaning products you will need include:

–          Heavy Duty Bin Bags – the first thing that you need to do before you actually break out the multisurface cleaner and the disinfectant is to decide what you can make do without. Over the course of time things easily build up. Separate into a number of piles – what you want to keep, what to recycle, what could potentially go to charity and what needs throwing away. Bin liners help you to organise and sort what goes where.

–          Degrease Ovens – one of the most difficult aspects of the spring cleaning process is cleaning the oven. Ovens build up grease and grime easily over time, from heavy usage. Investing in a high quality oven degreaser and oven cleaner will help make this process easier. Leave the cleaning products to soak and break down the grime whilst you do other tasks.

–          Dust – dusting is one of the other main stages of spring cleaning that needs to be done early on. Dust gathers easily, and you will often find that once you have decluttered, that dust is more prevalent and has been disturbed. Investing in high quality dusters is important, to handle this and therefore stop those with allergies being adversely affected.

–          Bleach – bleach is a definite investment in terms of cleaning products, however when it comes to spring cleaning this is a great way to ensure that all areas of your plumbing are clean such as the wastes for sinks showers and baths. It is wise to use bleach or even drain cleaner in order to decongest these areas, to prevent blockage, and odours emitting from them. These areas can be soaking whilst other cleaning is being done.

Other Tips For Spring Cleaning

In terms of the cleaning products you need to use and the methods to use when it comes to spring cleaning there are many tactics to use. The above mentioned steps, are the ideal way in which to lay the foundations for a productive and successful spring clean. In order to make things easier when the time comes for spring cleaning, then it is wise to keep on top of general cleaning throughout the year, making spring cleaning less of an arduous task.