Top 5 Japanese Good Luck Gifts

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Ganbattene! 5 Brilliant Japanese Good Luck Gifts

A Japanese gift makes the perfect token of good luck. Superstition plays an important role in Japanese culture and because of this, there is an astonishing range of great Japanese good luck gifts to choose from. Whether it’s new business venture or an exam, a new house or a sponsored hike, there’s bound to be something suitable – no matter what the occasion.

Japanese good luck gifts - 7 lucky gods

1.       Seven Lucky Gods Figurines

This set of figurines symbolising the seven lucky gods is perhaps the ultimate Japanese good luck gift. With each god symbolising a different element of good fortune, from abundance and good health to wealth, commerce and trade, this gift is perfect if you want to wish someone all-round success for the future.


 2.       Daruma Doll

These intimidating little fellas are steeped in symbolism. Based on Bodhidharma, a Buddhist monk known for his enduring commitment to meditation, the Daruma doll is a popular good luck gift in Japan symbolising good fortune and perseverance.

Lucky cat

 3.       Japanese Lucky Cat

Japanese lucky cats (maneki neko) are much better known in the West than the Daruma doll – you’ve probably seen them waving from restaurant windows before. Different colours and poses symbolise different things, e.g. white cats bring happiness, while a raised left paw invites prosperity. You can find out more about the meanings of Japanese lucky cats here.

Lucky kokeshi doll

 4.       Good Luck Kokeshi Doll

Traditionally sold to tourists visiting the hot springs in the north-east of Japan, kokeshi dolls continue to be popular to this day. However, they have come a long way in the years since and contemporary kokeshi dolls are created as Japanese good luck gifts, wedding presents and much more.

Japanese lucky charm

 5.       Japanese Lucky Charm

If you’re just looking for a small token of good luck, a Japanese lucky charm will do nicely. Lucky charms are very popular in Japan, and you often see them attached to bags, keyrings and mobile phones. Pick a lucky animal charm for extra authenticity.


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