Top 5 Japanese Fathers Day Gift Ideas

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Are You Ready for Fathers Day?

Fathers Day is just around the corner (June 15th), and time is of the essence. Dads can be a tricky bunch to buy for, so I’ve pulled together some top Japanese Fathers Day gift ideas to help get you started.

Whether your dad has an interest in Japanese art and culture or you simply want to get him something a little different this year, these Japanese Fathers Day gift ideas should provide you with all the inspiration you need to find the perfect gift.

Japanese Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Japanese Fathers Day Gift Ideas - kimono1.       Japanese kimono. Japanese kimonos are perfect for lounging around the house on days off work, an activity at which many dads excel! If you’re feeling really generous, opt for a silk kimono; alternatively, polyester and cotton ones are a more affordable option that still looks the part.

2.       Japanese lucky cat. If your dad is the superstitious sort, he will be very happy to receive an authentic Japanese lucky cat. Different colours and poses have different meanings, so you can choose one based on his circumstances and wishes, making this a very personal gift. You can find out about the different meanings of lucky cats here.

Japanese Fathers Day Gift Ideas - ninja kokeshi 3.       Kokeshi doll. I know what you’re thinking, right? But kokeshi are by no means just for girls. In fact, kokeshi come in a vast array of guises. How about a warrior, samurai or ninja kokeshi doll? Or a Daruma one, which symbolises perseverance and good fortune?

4.       Japanese knives. It may seem symbolically questionable, but if your dad’s a keen cook, he will be delighted with a Japanese knife. They’re made in the same way as katana (Japanese swords), so are incredibly sharp, strong and hardwearing. Read more about Japanese knives.

Japanese Fathers Day Gift Ideas - sake set 5.       Sake set. If your dad loves Japan, he will probably familiar with sake, an alcoholic drink made from fermented rice. You can get some beautiful ceramic sake sets, which feature a tall, vase-like decanter and small mugs without handles. Don’t forget to say kampai (‘cheers’)!

I hope these Japanese Fathers Day gift ideas have given you some inspiration. For further ideas, head over to The Japanese Shop and check out their range of Fathers Day gifts, which includes everything from chopstick sets to ninja-style letter openers! They offer next day delivery, so even if you leave it until noon on Friday 13th June, your order should still be with you on time.

Chichi no hi! (‘Happy Father’s Day!’)