Tips For Spring Cleaning – Part Two

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With the Easter Bank Holiday weekend almost here, and a couple more coming up within quick succession, the chances are that everyone will be at home and you can get some spring cleaning done to get rid of some clutter and make your home more welcoming for you and your family.

Spring cleaning is a traditional process and it can be a greatly therapeutic start to the spring and summer. Once you have started to declutter your home then you can get to work on the other areas that may require some attention, especially if you have got rid of a large amount of possessions and clutter.

Helpful Spring Cleaning Hints

Now that you have got to the point where you are able to get some serious cleaning done, here are some spring cleaning tips that can make your life easier, and cleaning products that can help:

–          Clean in a clockwise motion – this may seem like an odd tip, however no matter what room your are cleaning, there is likely to be a an epicentre that always attracts more dirty and grime than others. For example in the kitchen this is the oven, so you want to clean away from this, before getting to the dirtiest area, so as not to spread grease and grime. In the bathroom this is likely to be the toilet and in the interests of hygiene you want to leave your oven or toilet soaking with the relevant cleaning products and then go to these at the end of your clockwise cleaning rotation.

–          Disinfect – bacteria and germs can breed in a whole host of places and as such disinfecting these areas is an important part of spring cleaning. Areas such as bins can easily build up bacteria, which can lead to infection and can cause trouble for those with allergies. Therefore it is important to make sure that these areas are disinfected.

–          Clean The Tools You Clean With – using cleaning products on the equipment you clean with is important, as it allows you to avoid the spread of germs and contamination. Using a quality biological laundry detergent is one way to ensure that your cloths and sponges are up to scratch. Soak you mop heads after use so that they will be in top condition and clean for use in future.

–          Sinks Breed Bacteria – one often unmentioned fact, is that sinks – whether they are kitchen or bathroom, tend to breed bacteria far more readily than toilets. Therefore extra care and attention needs to be paid to these. Make sure that you put bleach down the plug hole to prevent bacteria multiplying there, and then clean around with a soft cloth and a gentle cleaning agent such as washing up liquid. Following this, use bathroom cleaner to ensure that bacteria hasn’t got a chance to multiply on surfaces.


Other Spring Cleaning Hints

If you really want to ensure that spring cleaning is a less arduous task, then it is important to keep on top of your cleaning routines, so as not to create a backlog, and make the exercise of spring cleaning a quick task. Cleaning as you go is time efficient and helps you to always be prepared for visitors.

Also, if you choose to spring clean when the family is off for Easter, you have more pairs of hands which means that you can turn your spring cleaning experience into one that will allow you to bond as well as getting a lot more done.