Things To Consider When Choosing Your Next Bath

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The bathroom is a key feature of your home, it is somewhere where you will spend a lot of time. The focal point is often the bath, as this is the most eye catching piece in terms of design. There are a whole host of baths available, from off the shelf acrylic baths, to high end bespoke cast iron baths.

Of these, we highly recommend a cast iron bath – they are aesthetically stunning; add value to your home and are low maintenance as well as being difficult to damage – a huge bonus if you have children as they can easily scratch an acrylic bath.


Types Of Cast Iron Bath

There are a number of different types of bath – the way that your bathroom is laid out and the room that you have available will help you determine what kind of bath to choose. The main types of bath in general include:

  • Corner baths – these baths are the sort of bath that you may consider if the bathroom is on the petite side. The space efficiency that comes with a corner bath means that you still get the best bathing experience possible, but there is still space for other pieces in your bathroom
  • Straight bath – these are the most common type of cast iron bath, available in a variety of sizes and designs. You can get double ended baths that have the taps in the middle allowing you to maximise the room you have to bathe – often meaning there’s room for two people to be in there at once.
  • Freestanding Baths – if you have a lot of room in your bathroom, then a freestanding bath may be the perfect option for you. These can be finished off with a standpipe to give your cast iron bath a stunning authentic traditional look.

What To Consider When Choosing A Bath

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing your cast iron bath, some of these include:

  • Size and position of the bath – you need to weigh up how much space you can afford to dedicate to your bath within the bathroom. Make a scale drawing so that you can plan it accurately – you don’t want to come back with the wrong sized bath.
  • Taps – when it comes to choosing your taps, you then need to take into consideration the style of your bath, the style of the rest of your bathroom, and where in the room and where on the bath the taps will be going.
  • Panels and Wastes – alongside this you need to consider things such as the panels around the bath (should you wish to have them) and tie these in with the look that you want to achieve. Different homes will suit different styles and a range of accessories are available to make sure that you achieve the best look.

Overall there is a lot to consider when you choose your cast iron bath. Speaking to experts in the industry who can help you with all elements of the design process should be your first port of call. The Cast Iron Bath Company are industry experts and we can help you with all your bath needs.