The Unique Features of Sensory Bubble Tubes

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Bubble tubes are one of the most popular products to use in all types of sensory rooms and environments. By making use of the latest innovations in the sensory industry, the tubes can be used by individuals of all abilities and age.

Bubble Tubes

A bubble tube will quickly form the focal point of any sensory room, naturally drawing the attention of those around it. Their design is unique and colourful, releasing soft vibrations as the bubbles inside make their way to the surface. These calming effects present a further range of benefits as not only will they create a peaceful environment, but are also attention grabbing and therefore encourage individuals to react in different ways using their senses.

Bubble tubes are attractive to look at – they are long with clear, curved dome-like tops. Many come with various added features, for example, some tubes are known for their portable nature which allows them to be moved around easily, whilst others have mirrors attached for an added visual effect. And by making use of the latest in LED technology, the tubes are able to stay brighter for longer and are unlikely to ever need changing (even if they’re left on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Other than providing visual stimulation, the tubes can also be used to help encourage concentration and are therefore the perfect aid to those who struggle with stress and anxiety. One of the more innovative features of the bubble tube is that some models can be controlled using the IRiS Talker. These IRiS tubes can therefore be controlled by any individual via the switch.

The tubes do not generally require a lot of maintenance, however to ensure your bubble tube stays in the best possible condition, there is a number of supplies and accessories that can be used.

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