The Security Benefits Of Plantation Shutters

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What Are Plantation Shutters?

When it comes to redesigning your home, then you need to take all aspects into consideration, including the window coverings. Plantation shutters are a stylish alternative to mainstream window coverings that are rapidly becoming a must have in homes up and down the country.

Plantation shutters are shutters that are fitted to the internal frames of the window, made from a range of durable woods. Plantation shutters can also be called louvred shutters or colonial shutters, and  cover the window on the inside, allowing you to have a great deal of control over the levels of light that you let in; as well as helping with temperature control – something that curtains or blinds are less useful for. As well as this, security and privacy are two huge benefits

The Security And Privacy Benefits Of Plantation Shuttersplantation-shutters

In comparison to window coverings such as curtains or blinds, then plantation shutters offer more peace of mind in terms of security and privacy:

–          Security Benefits Of Plantation Shutters – because plantation shutters can form a solid barrier behind your window, this acts as a deterrent to would be thieves as it creates the look that it would be a lot harder to access your home. Similarly would be thieves can’t see what valuable goods that you have in your home and as such will be prevented from weighing up the chances of burgling your home.

–          Privacy benefits Of Plantation Shutters – because of their ability to have a huge variety of positions of the louvres, plantation shutters make for a great combination of privacy whilst allowing a great level of control over the levels of light in the room. You can have two halves to your plantation shutters which allows you to prevent those at lower levels seeing in, while still allowing a good level of light in.

Other Benefits Of Plantation Shutters

Alongside security and privacy; there are other benefits of plantation shutters. Firstly in terms of energy efficiency they are far better for your energy bills and also the environment, as they offer better insulation in winter, and due to their versatility they can be opened to different degrees during the winter months. The control of light levels is also tied in with this, allowing you not let more light in when it is less bright outside, and to have excellent darkness in summer to allow longer sleep.

plantation-shutters-dark-woodAlongside this, for those who suffer from allergies, the easy clean nature of plantation shutters is a key benefit. By being easy to wipe down and therefore quick and easy to clean then they are time saving. Alongside this, unlike fabric window coverings that provide a home for bacteria and parasites to breed, plantation shutters are not a suitable breeding ground.