The Importance Of Using A Spray Booth For Airbrushing

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Safety First With A Spray Booth

Airbrushing a hugely popular way of adding the finishing touches to a range of projects and surfaces, by professionals and hobbyists alike. One of the issues that comes with this method of applying a finish to a surface; is that the chemicals that you use can be harmful to your health.

Paints and glues for instance contain a variety of harmful toxins which could cause damage to the nervous system were they to be inhaled. Other varieties may be flammable and therefore bring the risk of fire or explosion.

The best method to prevent any of these unwanted mishaps, is to invest in a spray booth. Doing so can also help improve the results of your projects.

What Does A Spray Booth Do?spray-booth

A spray booth is a device that is made up of components which filter and extract the by-products from the substances that you are using. These are also contained in order to prevent the various substances from spreading to areas that you wouldn’t wish to get tarnished by the product you are using.

The extraction element is a form of extractor fan. This helps remove any overspray within the spray booth away from the user thus keeping you safe from harmful chemicals, however extracting overspray, means that you end up with better results.

This then goes through filters in order to trap the worst of the toxic elements of before sending it towards the outside air. This prevents you from having the potential for any flammable or toxic by-products lingering where you are working, which could easily combust if a spark were to occur.

If you are using airbrushing as a part of your business, then it is important to take into account the legal requirements that surround your industry and make sure that your premises and the equipment that you use are fitting within health and safety regulations. A spray booth from a reputable manufacturer, will help towards this, as they are rigorously tested so as to meet the needs of their users and to keep those involved in airbrushing and similar activities safe.

Can I Build My Own Spray Booth?

It is not recommended that you build your own spray booth. It may seem like a cheaper option, however the risks of it can be great. The Device will not be appropriately tested and there are plenty of stories within the modelling community of fires and explosions who have caused people harm or

Alongside a spray booth, it is also a sensible idea to try and use your airbrush in a well ventilated space that isn’t too enclosed, in order to maximise the chance of avoiding any inhalation of unpleasant and harmful substances.

Furthermore, having a face mask of some form or respirator is also a good idea, as a spray booth eliminates a lot of risk but it is never harmful to take extra precautions.