The History Of Medical Uniforms

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The Importance Of Protective Uniforms In Medicine And Health Care

In one form or another medicine and healthcare have been performed throughout the ages. However as time has progressed it has become clear that medical uniforms are necessary in order to keep those involved with caring for patients clean and also to avoid the spreading of germs and bacteria wherever it is possible.

Modern medical uniforms or scrubs as they are also referred to as, tend to be made form a mixture of polyester and cotton. They are usually a simple two piece outfit that are designed not to have any

The History Of Medical Uniforms

Medical uniforms have a varied use. In terms of surgery and surgeons it was common even during the early parts of the 20th century for a surgeon to wear their own clothes; save for a butchers apron or similar in order to keep the blood from their clothes. Modern scrubs for are all of a similar style whatever the sector of the medical or care profession you are involved with. Being a standard format of a blend of polyester and cotton for durability and easy maintenance. Alongside this, this keeps costs down and therefore makes them affordable if they need replacing.

The need for medical uniforms within the nursing profession has been a longstanding practise. Initially nurses wore something similar to a servant’s uniform. However by the middle of the 19th century nursing became a more respected profession due to the efforts and awareness raised by Florence Nightingale  and the need for better standard of clothing was required. Around this time nurses would wear a hat and band to denote their rank.

As the 20th Century arrived, nurses uniforms moved even further away from being like servants uniforms. Made from well tailored material and including pockets, they often had a look of a nun’s uniform about them, as there was often a cross over between the two professions. When the first world war came along functionality was more important, and medical uniforms became more about allowing nurses to do their job more easily.

As time moved on throughout the 20th century, nurses uniforms became less elaborately tailored and more about functionality and ease of care. Towards the late seventies, medical uniforms were all beginning to go down the path of being scrubs, as these are easier to care for and if they need to be replaced it is cost effective to do so.

Why Medical Uniforms Are So Important

When it comes to the care and medical professions, medical uniforms are essential for those who are dealing with the care of patients; in order to keep the carers clean from any untoward bodily fluids. Medical uniforms are also designed to be simple and easy to care for, in order to not allow the spread of bacteria and germs.

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