The History of Bathing and the Roll Top Bath

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Roll Top Baths

When it comes to bathing, roll top baths themselves have almost as much significance as the act itself.


In England during the 1500s regular bathing was practically unheard of, particularly during the winter months. In fact, it was mostly down to the colder climate (and of course lack of luxury bathtubs and central home heating), that the month of May offered an ideal time to bathe. As a result, June became a popular time for people to wed as their bath was still considered recent, which is where the popular English phrase “June bride” comes from.


Today, regardless of whether you’re planning a wedding or not, June is still famous for being part of the ‘wedding season’, however the way we bath has transformed quite significantly.


Years ago it was the men of the house who had the luxury of bathing first. Using the same water, women and children would follow, last of all babies. By this time the water would be dirty and murky, hence the saying “Don’t throw the baby out with the water.”


Roll Top Bath

Cast iron roll top baths eventually made their first appearance in the late 1800s when more hygienic lifestyles began making their way into society. By the start of the 1900s permanent tubs began making a regular appearance in many homes, unfortunately due to the nonexistence of plumbing they had to be emptied by hand.


Soon after the First World War plumbing and bathtub production went into full swing with running water and permanent installation finally made possible. But like with most novelties in those days, it was the wealthy that got to experience the occasion first.


Usually placed in the center of a room and positioned on four claw feet, cast iron baths still to this day exude an element of status and grandeur. One thing that has changed though is that now everyone can enjoy long, hot, indulgent soaks whenever the occasion may call for it. And although considered modern at the time they were first created, they now represent a traditional look that many homeowners aspire to recreate.


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