The Different Uses of a Sensory Room

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Sensory Room

The term “sensory room” can be used to describe the different environments that can be created to help treat those with various sensory disabilities as well as provide other therapeutic type treatments. A wide variety of themes can be created with sensory room equipment, allowing you to design a room that suits your individual requirements.

These rooms can be found in a number of medical institutions as well as places like schools, nursing and treatment centres that often utilise them in various ways to teach various skills and promote other therapeutic related activities.

Here are some of the main reasons behind the implementation of sensory rooms:

  • Sensory rooms can help to create an environment where the users can feel safe and relaxed.
  • The equipment used in these rooms is aimed at stimulating one’s senses by using various smells, sounds, textures and colour.
  • By interacting with the various elements used in the sensory room the users will also be taught various life skills such as cause and effect.
  • Different rooms can be used to target specific results, for example, if an individual experiences problems with their eyesight, a Dark Room will prove most effective as it incorporates the use of bright lights and colours in an otherwise very dark room. If however an individual requires help with their hearing, the use of vibrations and sound will be more effective.
  • Some of the other types of environments that can be created include sensory pools and bathrooms which introduce the use of water in the sensory environment. Outdoor areas can also be transformed by incorporating sensory equipment while soft play rooms offer a safe area for play and movement.

The skilled and responsible use of sensory rooms is becoming increasingly popular as their benefits become more widely known. All the products used in these environments are designed to be used safely and easily by people of all types of abilities and age.

Sensory Room

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