The Changing Nativity Play

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The traditional Nativity Play has evolved over the years and Primary School Children are learning about the origin of Christmas through innovative Nativity Play Scripts which retell the original Christmas story from different perspectives.

The Nativity Play often overlooks the animals featured in the story however Niki Davies gives Maurice the Mule a starring role in her nativity, Away in a Manger. With the stable often appearing later on in the birth of baby Jesus, the stable is the main location for this nativity. This play stresses the importance of sharing as Maurice is continually required to share his home with different animals and finally, with Mary and Joseph who require shelter for the birth of baby Jesus. With an adorable script and catchy numbers that will keep younger children and their parents entertained throughout, Away in a Manger is a modern twist on the traditions of Christmas.

As we now live in multicultural society it’s important to learn about the diverse cultures and traditions that are celebrated in the festive period. Mary Green and Julie Stanley have reworked the Nativity Play Script to include some of the varied festive customs, teaching children about the world around them. The nativity storyline is still kept throughout this play. However, the angels bring children from all over the world to present gifts and teach about different celebrations during Christmas time. Children of the World is a great educational piece, with the nativity at its core.

For younger children, keeping Nativity Play Scripts simple is important for capturing their imagination. Shine Star, Shine is a great Nativity Play which celebrates teamwork in order to keep the nativity story running smoothly. The big star is struggling to find his shine but with the help of all the other stars in the sky, he is able to regain his shine and guide the shepherds and kings to the stable. Shine Star, Shine is a simple yet imaginative retelling of the nativity play which will capture the hearts of children and parents alike.

Bethlehem is a vital part of the Nativity Play and this is taken into account in Niki Davies’ Christmas play Busy, Busy Bethlehem. Differing perspective is used once again to retell the original Christmas story. A Bethlehem soldier is the key narrator of this tale and a chief organiser of the approaching census in Bethlehem. This story educates children that miracles such as the birth of baby Jesus can change people’s perceptions for the better. Busy, Busy Bethlehem includes seven memorable and thought provoking songs alongside a charming narrative.

Out of the Ark host a great range of nativity plays and musicals which are reworked to include educational lessons for primary school children of all ages. The changing Nativity Play is continually evolving from its traditional roots. If you would like to give your nativity a modern twist, browse Out of the Arks great range of Christmas Nativities for your school.