The Benefits Of Sensory Pools

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What Is A Sensory Pool

A sensory pool, is a special type of pool – known as a hydrotherapy pool – designed to stimulate the senses of the person using it. Integrating a combination of light colour and sound alongside the water; a sensory pool is a safe calming environment, allowing users that have special needs the chance to explore and engage with their senses.

With the natural feeling of weightlessness and freedom that is afforded by a swimming pool and a range of specialist multisensory equipment; then an atmosphere that calms the overactive and stimulates the underactive is created. This allows those using the pool to be able to focus their energy better on daily life, and leave behind issues with anger fear or stress that they may have.

Alongside individuals with sensory impairments or processing disorders, sensory pools can be used to help the with developmental disorders such as ADHD or autism, brain diseases such as cerebral palsy or dementia, or mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression – to name but a few.

The Benefits Of Sensory Pools

There are a number of benefits of a sensory pool, some of which include:

  • Sensory stimulation
  • Encourage exploring, interaction and engagement
  • Improve on motor skills
  • Help to improve learning and play
  • Minimise behavioural problems by providing stimulation
  • Improve well emotional well being and development
  • Boost the user’s confidence and independence
  • Enhance sensory processing
  • Improve communication and language skills

With all of these taken into account, it is fair to say that a sensory pool is a very beneficial way to help those in your care. At Experia we are market leaders in sensory equipment, and sensory rooms – our sensory pools are no different. We will use our expert knowledge to provide you with the right sensory pool solution for you and those in your care.