The Benefits Of Plantation Shutters

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What Are Plantation Shutters?

When it comes to interior design, one of the last parts that gets taken into consideration, is that of the window coverings which you use. Over the last decade or so plantation shutters have become increasingly popular, but what are they?

Plantation shutters are wooden window coverings that are fixed to the inside of a window and attached to the frame. They consist of a wooden frame that hold louvres, which are slats that can  be tilted to suit your preference of light level, as well as being able to open inward as well. This allows a lot of versatility in terms of light levels. Being available in various sizes, also allows plantation shutters to be used as room dividers and therefore they can greatly alter the feel and flow of a room.

The Advantages Of Plantation Shutters:plantation-shutters

–          Light Control – in comparison to other forms of window covering, plantation shutters offer a huge amount of light control meaning that you can have your room as light or as dark as you want. This is especially useful in summer, when you can utilise this to prevent the sun waking you up early, and also allows you to maximise light levels on days when you need a little extra brightness in the room.

–          Security – because of the way that they are made up, when you have your plantation shutters fully closed they form a solid barrier, that will act as a deterrent to any would be thieves and burglars, as the notion of a solid structure behind a window would make them think twice as it would make things much more difficult for them, thus adding another layer of security to your home

–          Privacy – following on from this, if you live in a fairly built up area and would rather avoid people looking into your home (especially if your ground floor windows are near the pavement) the ability to shut out the outside world or rearrange the louvres so that you can have a mixture light and privacy is a huge bonus.

–          Temperature Control – another huge advantage that plantation shutters provide, is that they help to give you additional control over the temperature of the room that you have them in. So in winter you can have them closed fully and they will keep the room insulated therefore trapping more heat, whereas in summer you can have them fully open to get a greater airflow and keep your room cool. This in turn saves you on energy costs by less use of heating or air conditioning!

–          Hygiene – for those who suffer allergies, plantation shutters are the best option for window coverings as they don’t provide the sort of environment for dust mites to thrive, unlike fabric window coverings. Alongside this, plantation shutters are easy to clean in comparison to other types of window covering, meaning that if you keep regularly on top of it, the task is effortless!

Why Plantation Shutters Are An Investment

Plantation shutters can quickly become an investment for your home, and add additional value to your property, down to all the benefits that they bring. They are very much in style at present, and as well as all the tangible benefits, the sense of security and privacy they bring, means that they are definitely worth looking at next time you look to redecorate your home!