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What Are Stormwater Management Solutions and Why Are They Important?

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What Is Stormwater? Stormwater is the result of heavy precipitation (rainfall) and snowmelt, which more often than not will soak into the ground. However, this isn’t always possible, at which point it is referred to as surface run off. This is an issue, as the stormwater can cause water levels to rise and this can lead to flooding and environmental damage. Following on from this, stormwater can also lead to pollution and spreading of water that can have implications and danger for human life; if it is contaminated with chemicals…read more


Why Stormwater Management Is Important

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What Is Stormwater? As the name suggests, Stormwater is wastewater that is the result of a storm. Stormwater occurs when there is nowhere for the water that results from a storm to go. This is often a by product of urbanisation, as there is a limited amount of natural ways for stormwater to drain away, and once the man made systems are at overcapacity then stormwater can become an issue.


Wastewater Treatment And the Food Manufacturing Industry

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What Is Wastewater Treatment? Wastewater treatment is the process of dealing with water that is the waste by product of human processes. This can be from anything to surface runoff from urbanisation preventing water naturally soaking away and making its way back into the water cycle; sewage from domestic use and also as a by product of industrial process such as manufacture or energy generation.