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Nativity Plays For Small Groups: Ideas and Suggestions

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As a teacher at a small school, you might be struggling to find a Christmas play that doesn’t require a host of angels, shepherds, stable animals and the rest. However, they do exist, and many scripts are flexible enough that they can be chopped and changed to suit smaller classes. Here are some suggestions to help you adapt the cast list to suit the size of your production along with some recommended nativity plays for small groups. How to tailor a Christmas play script to a small cast If you’re…read more

Top 10 Songs for School (With Video Clips)

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Whether you’re seeking a song for a particular occasion or are idly browsing the web for inspiration, these top 10 songs for schools will get your class singing, clapping and stamping their feet in no time. These popular school songs for children are brought to you on behalf of Out of the Ark, a leading children’s songwriter and publisher. Top 10 School Songs The School Rule Song “Put your hand up, don’t call out / Sit up straight and please don’t shout…” Lay the ground rules at the beginning of term…read more

8 Benefits of School Songs

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The early learning stages are crucially important for the development of a child’s education. Learning in these years needs to be fun and engaging in order to stay in their young minds! School songs that are usually used in assemblies are a great learning technique, that benefit our children in numerous ways. Take a look at these top benefits of school songs and how they develop you child’s knowledge considerably! 1) Tuneful Teamwork In a classroom environment, teamwork is key. School songs within a classroom help young children learn the…read more

How Songs About School Experiences Can Help Children Cope

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School Songs For Kids School can be a fairly daunting place to those who have just started from nursery or preschool. Going from a small playful environment with high staff to child ratio; to a more rigid learning environment where there are fewer adults giving them individual attention and more structured lessons and days in place.


Using Educational Songs To Teach

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The Best Educational Songs for Kids Using educational songs in the classroom is a great way to help your kids learn and offers a huge range of other benefits. The best educational songs are those that help your class to learn and memorise information, potentially without them even realising!


Using Primary School Songs For Learning And Development

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How Primary School Songs Can Help Children Learn Primary school is a key stage of a child’s development and a time when a lot of their learning in a formative way takes place, which can have a big effect on them in later life. Primary school songs can help children learn and develop in a variety of ways, and as such it is something that should be encouraged in the education system. Some of the benefits of songs and music in primary schools include: