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How to Avoid Wig Scams When Purchasing Online

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Telling the Good Wig Companies from the Bad and the Ugly I was recently perturbed to discover that there has been a sharp rise in the incidence of online wig scams. Many individuals have been ordering wigs from companies that they have been led to believe are based in the UK. They’re not. They may have web addresses, but are in fact stationed overseas. Crucially, the wigs they’re advertising are not the wigs that customers are receiving. As no contact information is given on their websites, it’s extremely difficult…read more

Top 10 Wig Brands

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The Definitive Wig Brands List Choosing a wig by brand is a helpful way to ensure that you are getting quality and value for your money. But with so many different brands out there all promising so much, it’s not always easy to know which ones you can trust. This buyer’s guide to the top 10 wig brands will help you find a hairpiece that’ll look fabulous and last for many months to come. Top 10 Best Wig Brands Raquel Welch – A stunning range of natural looking synthetic and…read more

Raquel Welch Wigs Vs Noriko Wigs

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The Pros and Cons of the Two Biggest Ladies Wigs Brands Although we all love to have beautiful locks, the process involved can cause massive damage to our hair. Blow-dry after blow-dry, continual use of straightening irons and back-combing, can all take their toll. That’s why many women are turning to the wonderful world of wigs in order to get an instant beautiful style without the damage it can create. Ladies wigs are also great for women suffering from hair loss, giving them that all-important confidence boost when they need…read more