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Top 10 Songs for School (With Video Clips)

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Whether you’re seeking a song for a particular occasion or are idly browsing the web for inspiration, these top 10 songs for schools will get your class singing, clapping and stamping their feet in no time. These popular school songs for children are brought to you on behalf of Out of the Ark, a leading children’s songwriter and publisher. Top 10 School Songs The School Rule Song “Put your hand up, don’t call out / Sit up straight and please don’t shout…” Lay the ground rules at the beginning of term…read more

5 of the Best Back to School Songs for Primary Schools

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School’s (almost) out for summer! But as you know, we teachers are always one step ahead of the game and before you know it, it’ll be time to start getting ready for the autumn term. (Sorry.) To help you prepare, I have compiled this list of my favourite back to school songs, which are perfect for kick-starting the new term and busting the back-to-school blues.

How to Put On the Ultimate Year 6 Leavers Production

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Around this time of year, schools up and down the country will be getting ready for the imminent exodus of year 6 pupils. And yet, no matter how many years you have been teaching for, it’s always surprising just how emotional it can be saying goodbye to your ‘favourite year 6 class’. A year 6 leavers production can make the transition from primary to secondary education a less intimidating experience for your students whilst providing them with the recognition they deserve. A good leavers play or musical should reinforce their…read more

Singing to Success: Songs for Schools

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Over the years, singing in schools has become increasingly popular and it has numerous educational and personal benefits for children. Songs in schools now work as a cohesive educational aid in the class schedule of many teachers. So what are the advantages of using primary school songs in the classroom? Advantages of Primary School Songs Singing works the ‘memory muscle’, helping children to take in and remember key information using repetitive rhyme and melody. Learning a piece of educational material attached to a tune provides a memory platform for children…read more

Chocolate-Free Easter Songs for Children

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Songs that Convey the Christian Message Behind the Easter Story Song plays a crucial role in complementing the lessons that we learn from the Bible. Few of us will have grown up without the hymns, psalms and carols that help us to reflect on our spiritual teachings in church and in school. And yet, where Christian Easter songs for children are concerned, the options become pretty limited. Where can you find childrens’ songs that tell the Easter story, without the chocolates, eggs and bunnies that pervade popular culture? The good news is, there are…read more

Entertaining Songs for Children’s School Assemblies

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Choosing Primary School Songs For Assemblies School assemblies are a great time to bring your entire school together to take part in festivities, to learn a broader message and to participate in some fantastic primary school songs. School assemblies are a special occasion if they aren’t held regularly, as it is an opportunity for all the school to be in the same place at once, which doesn’t always happen.


Using Educational Songs To Teach

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The Best Educational Songs for Kids Using educational songs in the classroom is a great way to help your kids learn and offers a huge range of other benefits. The best educational songs are those that help your class to learn and memorise information, potentially without them even realising!


How Action Songs Help Children Learn

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How Action Songs Benefit Primary School Children Different people learn in different ways, and when it comes to primary school children, it is definitely worth experimenting to see how you can get them to pick up on ideas. Primary school is an important stage of a child’s development, and as such it is vital that parents and teachers make the most of all the resources available to them to help their children flourish.


Using Primary School Songs As A Teaching Aid!

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How School Songs for Kids Help Them Learn Primary school forms a very important stage of a child’s development. As such it is important that teachers and parents do all they can to ensure that their children get the best out of this time so that they can develop to their full potential. One way that this can be encouraged is through using primary school songs as a teaching aid. Songs for children can have a range of benefits and different ones can help with different things. Some may be…read more


Using Primary School Songs For Learning And Development

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How Primary School Songs Can Help Children Learn Primary school is a key stage of a child’s development and a time when a lot of their learning in a formative way takes place, which can have a big effect on them in later life. Primary school songs can help children learn and develop in a variety of ways, and as such it is something that should be encouraged in the education system. Some of the benefits of songs and music in primary schools include: