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10 Brilliant Ways to Use Music in the Classroom

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Teachers are forever being told to use more music in the classroom, and for good reason. Singing serves as a great memory aid, promotes healthy intellectual and emotional development and offers children a welcome break from the daily grind of reading and writing. If you’re looking for more ways to use music in the classroom, this article offers a combination of time-honoured tips and fresh inspiration to help you integrate more songs into your teaching schedule. How to Use Music in the Classroom To support the curriculum and help children…read more

How Action Songs Help Children Learn

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How Action Songs Benefit Primary School Children Different people learn in different ways, and when it comes to primary school children, it is definitely worth experimenting to see how you can get them to pick up on ideas. Primary school is an important stage of a child’s development, and as such it is vital that parents and teachers make the most of all the resources available to them to help their children flourish.