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Celebrity Style Wigs for SS15

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Update Your Look For 2015 With the Latest Celebrity Hair Trends If you want a new look but are not sure where to start, the red carpet is always a great place to seek inspiration. So far, SS15 has paved the way for several cutting-edge, iconic new hairstyles, all of which share one common feature: texture. All these celebrity style wigs have been chosen with this central theme in mind, helping you bring your look bang up to date just in time for summer. Top 3 Celebrity Style Wigs The…read more

Wearing a Wig for the First Time

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Wear Your First Wig with Confidence The first time wearing a wig can fill even the most self-assured person with ‘what-ifs’. What if it looks unnatural? What if someone notices? What if it falls off? Wearing a wig for the first time may be daunting, but with the right wig and a few simple coping strategies, you will be stepping out with confidence in no time. The first thing to remember is that nobody is looking at you as much as you might think they are. People are generally too…read more

How Much Do Real Hair Wigs Cost?

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Real hair wigs are highly sought after for their natural look and feel. They offer greater flexibility than synthetic wigs, as they can be colour treated and styled using heat appliances. Yet they also tend to be more expensive, and with prices varying dramatically, getting value for money can be tough. How much do real hair wigs cost? And moreover, how much should you be prepared to pay? The Cost of Real Hair Wigs Search for human hair wigs in Google, and you’ll find that the prices range from £40…read more

Wigs for Cancer Patients

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Hair loss is one of many devastating effects of Chemotherapy that Cancer Patients must undergo to stay healthy for as long as possible. Complete hair loss can happen gradually, depending on the strength of your treatment. Many women decide to experiment with a shorter style before the hair loss sets in, meaning the change is not so dramatic. Other women decide to take the plunge early and shave their head entirely.